Spotify is a great service! I have been using it for quite a while, but I felt that something was missing.
Winamp has been my main player for years and I got inspired to make a combination support thing with this application, here is what SpotiAmp is all about.

SpotiAmp v0.95


  • Global keyboard hotkeys to control play, stop, pause, next, previous, volume up/down and mute
  • Mute commercials / ads. It comes with a price, read about below!
  • Simple Webserver support, now Ajax-support
  • Winamp WM_COMMAND / WM_WA_IPC support to let other applications (like girder) control Spotify
  • Version 0.95 fixes bugs regarding the interface and have some new eye candy

You must install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package to use SpotiAmp (This also apply to Vista and Windows 7!)

    32-bit version (You need 32-bit, even if you have a 64-bit system. Spotiamp is a 32-bit software)


Download html for webserver
The Ajax HTML shall be unpacked in the same directory as the Spotiamp.exe.
If you put Spotiamp.exe in the same directory as Spotify then the directory structure should look like this:
C:\Program Files\Spotify\Spotify.exe
C:\Program Files\Spotify\Uninstall.exe
C:\Program Files\Spotify\SpotiAmp.exe
C:\Program Files\Spotify\html\ <-- All files from here Download old versions (v0.9 uses 2010 Redist, older 2008)

You must install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package to use SpotiAmp v0.8 (This also apply to Vista and Windows 7!)
32-bit version

Known limits:
1. It has been tested with Windows XP (SP3) and Windows 7. Vista suck and does not work quite right. Wine is NOT supported!
2. This version is confirmed working with Spotify v0.9.7.17 (Spotify updates itself each time you start it, you should check version, if you have trouble)

Global hotkeys, neat
SpotiAmp hotkeys
You select the hotkey combination you like. Windows-key has also been added (made a new hotkey-ctrl for that silly button).
Should be pretty straight forward to configure, you’ll get an error if a combination already exists.

Mute commercials, wtf?
SpotiAmp commercial muting
I know, but after hours of programming I got really, really, reeeeally tired of the commercials.
Audio commercials should be banned in my eyes, especially when Spotify actively pauses when you want to mute. This is your counter-measure, but remember it could easily be “fixed” by Spotify-crew if they want.
In the other end Spotify needs to live and royalties has to be paid. Just to nag you and not letting you forget that you don’t use premium a nag-screen has been implemented.
It looks like this:
SpotiAmp nagscreen
(Note: If Spotify actively contacts me regarding this function, I will permanently remove the feature.)

Webserver support
Download the really simple html-page and extract it in the same where you have SpotiAmp.exe (desktop is not a good place for it, if you want to use webserver).

A really simple interface has been added, by requesting control.htm?[command] on the port the server is opened to a command is executed.
Here are the [command] alternatives: PREV, PLAY, NEXT, VOLUP, VOLDOWN and MUTE.

If the SpotiAmp works in Wine a simple wget should be able to execute commands on your Spotify 🙂 Perfect for HTPC computers who want to control Spotify a little.

The html look like shit and if you bother check out degeros version. Neat solution to grab the screen!

Winamp WM_COMMAND support
Many people have Girder or something similar together with a remote (or simular).
By adding a simple WM_COMMAND Winamp-style based IPC you’ll manage Spotify the same way as Winamp.
It fakes the Winamp v1.x window and you can use the PostCommand(::FindWindow(NULL, L”Winamp v1.x”), WM_COMMAND, NULL, WINAMP_BUTTON2) or simular.

Please check out Winamp developer site and download the SDK extract the WINAMPCMD.H and wa_ipc.h. Most functions are not supported, but you can control the basics.

If you have any comments regarding the release, please add it below.

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  116 Responses to “SpotiAmp”

  1. This is a fantastic product!
    I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion? It would be great if it supported wildcards, possibly using the asterisk symbol, so that all all titles by a specific artist can be muted.
    Other than this, it’s perfect! 🙂

  2. Heisann, fantastisk program, tusen takk!
    Men det er et par småting som ikke stemmer helt.
    Først: Mute-knappen virker ikke i selve programmet. På webserveren funker den som den skal.
    SÃ¥: Artist og title-feltet henger ett spor etter. SÃ¥ hvis jeg spiller sang B, viser den sang A, spiller jeg sang C, viser den sang B. Dette gjelder bÃ¥de nÃ¥r jeg trykker pÃ¥ “next” og “previous”. Men hvis jeg trykker pÃ¥ play/pause eller mute, sÃ¥ blir den “synkronisert”, men trykker jeg pÃ¥ “next” eller “previous” igjen, sÃ¥ stÃ¥r det bare det samme helt til jeg trykker en gang til, og da henger den etter.
    Er dårlig til å forklare, så hvis du ikke skjønner hva jeg mener, så er det bare å sende meg en mail, så skal jeg prøve å forklare bedre..

    Og sist: En liten ønskefunksjon hvis det er mulig.. Ã? velge spilleliste i programmet / pÃ¥ webserveren hadde vært kjekt. Men for all del, klager ikke 😉

    Ha en god kveld!

  3. Thx for this nice little application. It’s such a relief to get rid of those extremely annoying commercials.

  4. Malin:
    Make sure that you have the Visual Studio runtimes installed (see above).
    If the problem still exists, delete the *.ini files where you have placed Spotiamp.exe (the config might have gone corrupt)

  5. Hey great idea about blocking the adds and stuff, nice!

    Just one problem though… I can’t get it working, when I click on the .exe file
    it tells me that the programs configuration is wrong and that I should try to re-install
    it, any idea about what to do?

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  7. Everything seems ok under Win7 on Spotify v.0.3.22

  8. It’s working on Spotify v.0.3.22, under Win 7 (32-bit), no compatibility required for it to run, its all working smoothly.

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  10. The error is still present even after downloading the Redistributable Package …
    Any ideas ?

  11. It didn’t work in Windows 7 Professional 64bits. The error is:
    “No se pudo iniciar la aplicación; la configuración en paralelo no es correcta”.
    In English this means something like “Couldn’t start app; paralel config not correct”.

  12. Thank you a lot !

    it work really well ! I would love to have it onto my osx also of course 😉 but it’ll probably never happen of course 😉

    thank you !

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  14. Thanks man for an awesome app! I’ve always get angry because of the ungrateful bastards that complains about something someone made on their spare time without any requests on money. The same thing when it comes to subtitlers. cheers from SkÃ¥ne m8!

  15. Thnx! I made it for myself and really don’t care about others in the loop. I don’t use it anymore since Spotify + mobilephone = Ultimate combination. Spotify gets gladly 99 NOK from me pr month.

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