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Adito guide: Get RDP everywhere with Adito!

Adito is based on Java and basicly the Adito-client works “everywhere”.
This can be very handy when you are on a internet-cafe or just borrowing a computer.

This guide will show you step by step on how to setup Remote Desktop (RDP) to your Adito server.

If you are not familiar with RDP, it can be simply explained; it shows your desktop, wherever you are on the internet.

Before you can begin, please read this guide on how to enable RDP for Windows 7/XP.
Adito have also VNC support (and others), so both Linux and Mac can use the same guide, only by using VNC application instead.

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Acrobat MDI – ish v0.5.0.1 released!

What is this?
Acrobat MDIish is a wrapper that snatch all of you Acrobat windows and present them into a single window.
A quick and dirty way to get MDI support back! 🙂

Please download Acrobat MDI-ish from this page


* Gets the MDI feature back to your Acrobat!
* Multimonitor support with MDI!
* Systray control so you can easily show/hide windows
* Multiple looks on the frame; Windows 2000/XP, Office 2003 / 2007