Old projects and utils


Miniwar – The Scorch earth windows version, with network support (nahhhh! :))
I’ve started on a game that I wanted to look like scorch earth. I’ve added the gfx dynamically with rotation, and made different power functions. I use the standard GDI to draw it, and it seems to slow on some systems. So the project is resting until I get the GDI+ integrated! 🙂

TicTacToe – A source code for beginners
This was one of my first examples made, to help programmers getting started. It has a lot of comments, and made simple.

TelnetChat – Simple inline chat server
This is the second example I’ve made for using the CAsyncSocket class in MFC. The code is poorly commented, and should be used by advanced users who wants to learn about the class. It is not difficult, but some experience about CSocket would speed up the learning.

Matrix – screensaver
This is my first attempt for making a screensaver. I have downloaded a font and integrated it into the screensaver. But after a computer crash the source code for it has been erased! No updates here! 🙁

ASPI Driver FIX for Windows 2000 and XP
Since there was some problems getting the ASPI drivers to work with AudioCatalyst, Audiograbber and other programs that needed the ASPI support, I’ve put up this site to help people getting it right.

Control your Winamp 2.xx remotely, through TCP/IP
This is one of my first programs made for Winamp. Please ignore the ugly design! 🙂 But it is quite useful, change song, change volume, set shuffle and so on. Server is not a plug in, but just a program that is needed to run in the background. The source is old, and I cannot find it, please do not ask for it! 🙂 Server and Client

NetAMP for Winamp 3.xx
This is a WAC plugin for Winamp 3.x, it opens a port on your computer and gives the client the opportunity to get the playlist and currently playing songs etc. It is quite better than the 2.x version. (SINCE NULLSOFT HAS FUCKED UP THEIR WINAMP 3, THIS PROJECT IS DISCONTINUED!) Server and Client

NetSYNC for Winamp 2.xx & 5.xx and 3.xx
This is a plug in that makes it possible to connect 2 or more Winamps together with the same play list. It tries to sync the sound through the network. The program is pretty simple to use, and it has some problems with syncs on different systems (network, different speed on computers and so on). This require a lot of tweaking.

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  1. Billyvnilly:
    I really hate Vista 😉 And I’ve never used Netsync again after I bought a Squeezebox. I would suggest to download the Squeezecenter ( http://www.logitechsqueezebox.com/support/download-squeezecenter.html ) and install it on a server/main machine.
    Then use the SoftSqueeze software (it is not as good as Winamp, but it gets the job done) and setup for Synchronize. It sync perfectly and you’ll probably want to buy a Duet-box later on 😉

  2. Hey lars, I still think your sync is excellent, I used it on my XP setups alot. When the computers are on two floors, its hard to notice 800ms lol. But I’ve been unable to get it running well on vista and WA 5.56 and just curious if you think its a vista compatibility or a new version WA compatibility problem?

  3. Spider:
    If you really want good sync between more rooms, use Squeezecenter from http://www.logitechsqueezebox.com/

    By using the pc-based player you can use the server to tune dem so they are perfect 🙂 Netsync was more of a proof-of-concept and I tried as best I could to make it work.

  4. I like your NetSync script for Winamp. Well done, works perfect. Just bad, that there is allways a little difference between client and server (about 800ms). So the server is everytime 800ms faster with playing than the client even i have got a 1000mbit/s network 😉

    greetings from germany,

  5. if you release your source code as open source code to soureforge you will not have to worry about a hdd crash and losing your data, plus others round the globe can help you work on your project and get it done faster and multi-platform as well

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