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Acrobat MDI-ish

What is this?
Acrobat MDIish is a wrapper that snatch all of you Acrobat windows and present them into a single window.

OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 x86/x64

Acrobat MDI require the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 (x86) installed!
Note: If you have a 64-bit system, you still need the x86 version (because the software is x86!)

Please use the new installer if you want it to be downloaded automatically. (Recommended for novice users)

Current version is 0,8,9,2: Installer or zipped (portable version an exe directly to your USB; packed with UPX or zipped with VC_redist files included)

Previous version 0,7,1,8: Installer or zipped (portable version an exe directly to your USB; packed with UPX)
Previous version 0,5,0,1: zipped (or exe directly, packed with UPX)

How does it look

Systray support

Multimonitor support (Still in MDI!)

Known problems
There are some issues when Acrobat opens modal dialogs, sometimes they don’t activate as they should.
Press the Adobe MDI window and the modal dialog should show as expected

There are Acrobats in the taskbar that I don’t see!
You probably got multimonitors? If you have Acrobat MDI on screen 1 and the Acrobat opened on screen 2 you got “nada”.
Rightclick on the Acrobat in taskbar and select “Center” πŸ™‚

Why did I do this?
In my current work I have a lot of Acrobats opened at the same time.
It hogged my taskbar and I got pretty annoyed!

After searching for a solution and found the blog stating that “SDI is better” annoyed me even more, so I started to fix-it-myself.

What is the background?
Adobe posted on their blog a question to the users about SDI vs MDI.

My way can not be called “real” MDI, because Acrobat MDI doesn’t “own” the Acrobat application session.
But I call it “better MDI”, because of all the extra features I’ve added πŸ™‚

PS Adobe:

Going forward the Acrobat Product Management team has started exploring alternative ways to accomplish some of what is so loved about MDI mode. While we canΓ’??t comment publicly on that at this time, please know that we have heard you. I hope the reasoning I provided helps you understand the choices we made a little bit better as well. Please let us know your thoughts about the removal of MDI support. Let us know what you feel the benefits of MDI are and how it helps you get your work done. We would love to hear from you.

We did respond, we didn’t get any love back from you…
I developed this app in 2 weeks after work (est 28 mhrs time in total, how much time do you need?)
How about opening a SDK so external programs can actually control Acrobat?