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  • 1. MULTILANGUAGE (Support for quite different languages including Japanese or Chinese)
  • 2. Backupmode
  • 3. Saves! So discs can be restored later on / possible to create reports
  • 4. Save discs/filelist as reports (txt, pdf, tabbed, cvs and so on)
  • 5. Show totalsize of the filled disc
  • 6. Make an itteration routine to check what random type gives most filled discs
  • 7. Make an exclusionfilter on files while scanning
  • 8. Give feedback on the directories that SizeMe cannot access cause of security
  • 9. Add the Nero SDK and make a queued burner program integrated in SizeMe (probably another small util for queued burning of ISO-files)
  • 10. Sort Items & information columns
  • 11. Remember options that are folded or not in the menu
  • 12. Sort the DISCS after fillpercent
  • 13. Save own discsizes (like MyCustomDVD = 4479MB, MyMiniDisc = 123MB)
  • 14. Create a underlined hotkey in the right-click contextmenu (shell) – Fixed by disable and enable the “Enable Context Menu” flag in “Settings” tab
  • 15. Excludefilter of different filetypes and folders + inscan right-click exclude on the items list
  • Preset lists over directories you want to scan
  • Sequence adding of files (no optimize, just create a span of discs sequencell)
  • “Musicmode” with a more selective selection when making discs based on IDtags and information
  • ISO creation on rightclick of each disc (100% finished, waiting for donations!)
  • Add “Scan new directory” to the menu
  • 100% Layout saving (some reports of the styles are getting restored)
  • Context menu on every item
  • Copy, move and delete functions on the discs
  • Simple marksystem on the discs

(Italic marks a finished item in the todo-list., but aren’t yet released. Stay tuned, next version will contain these fixes)