• 1. MULTILANGUAGE (Support for quite different languages including Japanese or Chinese)
  • 2. Backupmode
  • 3. Saves! So discs can be restored later on / possible to create reports
  • 4. Save discs/filelist as reports (txt, pdf, tabbed, cvs and so on)
  • 5. Show totalsize of the filled disc
  • 6. Make an itteration routine to check what random type gives most filled discs
  • 7. Make an exclusionfilter on files while scanning
  • 8. Give feedback on the directories that SizeMe cannot access cause of security
  • 9. Add the Nero SDK and make a queued burner program integrated in SizeMe (probably another small util for queued burning of ISO-files)
  • 10. Sort Items & information columns
  • 11. Remember options that are folded or not in the menu
  • 12. Sort the DISCS after fillpercent
  • 13. Save own discsizes (like MyCustomDVD = 4479MB, MyMiniDisc = 123MB)
  • 14. Create a underlined hotkey in the right-click contextmenu (shell) – Fixed by disable and enable the “Enable Context Menu” flag in “Settings” tab
  • 15. Excludefilter of different filetypes and folders + inscan right-click exclude on the items list
  • Preset lists over directories you want to scan
  • Sequence adding of files (no optimize, just create a span of discs sequencell)
  • “Musicmode” with a more selective selection when making discs based on IDtags and information
  • ISO creation on rightclick of each disc (100% finished, waiting for donations!)
  • Add “Scan new directory” to the menu
  • 100% Layout saving (some reports of the styles are getting restored)
  • Context menu on every item
  • Copy, move and delete functions on the discs
  • Simple marksystem on the discs

(Italic marks a finished item in the todo-list., but aren’t yet released. Stay tuned, next version will contain these fixes)

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  1. when will include unicode support

  2. I am using Sizeme to backup and replicate a folder structure. Once the Backup option is available it will probably resolve most if not all the issues I am trying to work around. Currently I simple scan the highest level and write those images, then scan down into those sub-folders that didn’t fit onto a single disc etc. What I would like to be able to do is to capture the full path even though I am scanning a subfolder. At the moment it only writes the path from the point of the scan and so replicating is quite tricky as you need to know where to put the data. Can I use a flag to save the full path?

  3. @Kenny
    I believe the Backup Mode will essentially do this. This will be in the next version. We will have to wait ’till when the planned release date is announced.

  4. Getting size exceeded errors when burning DVD5 with lots of files. It seems that SizeMe does not include directory overhead space needed to support each filename. This overhead calculation needs to be added into the overall file space in order to accurately produce a file list that will fit. I have been having to reduce the size be altering Custom down by a couple of Meg. This is evident when you try and process files like JPGs where you will have many files to fit on a DVD.

  5. Hello, I just discovered your SizeMe program and I like it very much. I would like to suggest a new Comparison Style. One that would not take sub-directories into account but instead consider all files under the parent directory while filling a CD/DVD. I want like to be able to fill a disk without regard for keeping files in sub-directories together. The directory structure should still be kept when burning the CD/DVD.


  6. Hi if it’s possible then compile the whole app into an single exe, and one ini for settings – to use it as portable on my USB stick.

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