StackCopy – BETA!


Stackcopy makes it possible to stack files in a queue. That way you have total control over what you want to copy.

StackCopy main window

Current version is: v0.6.0.572 - BETA only!


  • Pause/Unpause a copy
  • Auto file resuming / skip if file exists
  • Speedlimiting (if your bandwidth is limited and more users need the bandwidth)
  • Queuecontrol, load/save queues
  • Overall procentage and spesific procentage pr copy you’ve started

Stackcopy donations: nada

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  11 Responses to “StackCopy – BETA!”

  1. I love this product!

  2. The fact that you need to “copy only by dragging” is not so nice,
    if you could make it also “start copy” and “paste copy here” it would help alot.



  3. Incredible! Just what I’m looking for lots of times! This program is really useful copying in a network and between hard drives. I think this functionality would be in every operating system. I only miss the option to “move”, not only copy. I really appreciate your effort. Many thanks dude. Wish you the best.

  4. Another feature request: GO Button

    When StackCopy or the computer crashes and SC then is launched again the list of the remaining files to copy is preserved, but there is no other way to get SC work through the list than to copy another file.
    Would be great if the Resume button not only resumes after a manually enforced Pause, but also resumes to copy after a crash. Or as a 2nd option: implement a GO Button.

    Thanks again for this great tool. Would like to see this project going on.
    StackCopy is my favorite copy tool under windows. TotalCopy does not satisfy me.

    greetings from germany


  5. AndyK: Good options for Stackcopy. I’ll notice it on my todolist. But these days SizeMe takes the much of my time so it could take to time to implement 🙂

  6. ah! What about an option: “Keep original file date”?

    btw: great work! I love this one!

  7. I like the function “skip if exists”, is it possible to have an option “skip if identical(filesize/date)”?

    I often have some files which changed, but they do exists on the backup medium, so I can’t take advantage of the function “skip if exists” and have to find those changed files manually, or copy all files over… more than 60GB of Files in total, but only some MB changed.


  8. Nick: I’ve recived a message about this before (check out

    I’m still waiting for the reply from the CA, in the meantime use a decent spyware checker:

    I share classes between my programs. That means if a spyware program reads through the program and try to compare the codes then it will kick in on all my software.

    I’m pretty angry at CA for not replying to this, so I guess they aren’t so intrested to fix their own problem. If you have any more questions about this, please send me an email.

  9. I would like to let you know that:

    E trust says you have this malware included :Sc-Keylog Pro 3.2

    If this is a false positive or you know information please let me know.

    [I always research products & did not see this mentioned but one can not be too careful 🙂 ]

    Can you tell me about stack copy is that the same product renamed Lars.Werner SizeMe v1.8.4 ?

    Please reply ASAP!

    Thank you,


  10. Lars, I recommend you consider using xxcopy as the main engine since xxcopy can copy, and move, and verify byte per byte, and hundreds of other powerful stuff.

    you can get it from

    can’t wait for sizeme 2.0

  11. hi
    you have a bunch of useful tools
    it would be to stack-move files

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