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PS: A donator for the SizeMe software will get an e-mail with a registry-key-entry so you can remove the donationbutton!


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  9 Responses to “Donate”

  1. PERFECT ! Thank you so much, this is EXACTLY what I have been searching for (so damn long)! Integration in right click menu, drag and drop directly to burning software like nero feature, everything runs smooth… great program !

  2. Its very greatsoftware,i like it.

  3. SizeMe is an excellent program, very useful.

  4. I am a computer repairman and this program does almost exactly what I need it to when it works. I’d really it if an MD5 file were added to the root of eat CD/DVD burned to be able to verify the integrity of the contents at a later date. Aside from that the functionality is super. The stability isn’t though. It worked great on one project and hasn’t worked right since.

  5. haven’t used this in a long time but recently needed to and used to use it quite a bit over the years when cd/dvds was my main form of backup…now I have a Drobo and the need is less critical, but this is a well designed, useful utility, and I have a small project where this will come in handy again…thanks alot lars!!

  6. Hi. I am new to the linux environment, don’t know that much yet, but i have bought a ton of books, and donated to Jim from the DSL. I will donate to you tommorow when i get paid, ok? I love this stuff and want to fully support it the best i can while i learn. i would appreciate anything you can suggest in HOWTO’s etc. I saved this address in my fave’s so i can donate to this. Thankyou for working so hard so I can explore this great OS!

  7. Very worthy of my donation. It’s a great app that does exactly what I was looking for and more. The ability to drag/drop the groups of files was a complete bonus!

  8. This programs saves me easily 2-3hours of work each month. Great Job! Keep up the great work!

    Its simplicy and powerful features makes it a must have utility for everyone.

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