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Installer – SVN

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Before you start

  • Make sure to backup your earlier Adito installation, eg: C:\Program files\Adito
  • Try to install over existing installation to keep your setting (you did backup didn’t you?)
  • Make sure to understand the concept of a SVN release.I concider this as SVN Stable, but it shall be tested fully until put into production (by you)


What is new?

  • Certum.eu have granted me an Open Source Code signing certificate.
    (Jar in signed version is now executed outside the sandbox without any red warnings)
  • Several bugfixes, check out the SVN-log here
  • I can confirm Agent timeout multiple by 1000 bug is fixed 🙂
  • Several “new” applications available + new attenticate schemes like Active Directory, LDAP, PAM and UNIX-directory
  • A brand new extension store, hosted by me on: http://adito.werner.no/appstore/

Download SVN installer
For Java run time v1.8.0 or newer
Get the installer for version 0.9.1 SVN R706 signed version for Java 1.8, size 35,3MB (zipped executable )

For Java run time v1.7.0 or older
Get installer for version 0.9.1 SVN R706 signed version, size 28,1MB (expired, used the Java 1.8 version)
Get installer for version 0.9.1 SVN R706 unsigned version, size 24,3MB

If you are looking for the non SVN-version, download here

Why do you host the Extension Store now?

I have changed the version on this release and made it incompatible with existing store (I know there are override options but I didn’t want to combine them).

I also don’t know who host the http://aditoproject.org/appstore/, so it was much easier to handle it myself.

The Extension Store includes all the SVN applications, plus some of my own. If you contact me, I could even include some of yours, if you want 🙂

Step-by-step setup guides

Installation, scroll down on the installer page

For a guide on setting up RDP to your Adito server, check it out here

Problems, bugs or other questions?

Please use the comments field below. Make sure to subscribe to comments, that way it is more easy to follow upon your solution.


It will remove EVERYTHING! Please use with caution, especially after you customize.


I have successfully reinstalled above the old version without problems, so if you are upgrading: stop the service/console and just install above the old one.

If you install LDAP extensions or simular you have to do a “reinstall” using the “first time installer” icon in the start-menu

Step-by-step information

Installer for SVN is identical as the 0.9.1 version, please check pictures out here

I want to compile my own version, how?

(I followed this Wiki, below is a quick extract of what I did)

You gain the posibility to sign the agent with a valid certificate if you do it yourself

First step:

Download and install Java SE JDK 6 Update 25

Download and extract Apache Ant 1.8.2 to C:\ant

Set the system PATH variable to c:\ant\bin and %java_jdk%\bin

Reboot your computer…

Second step:

Use a SVN browser download the source code trunk from sourceforge

Store it in C:\AditoSVN

Copy tools.jar file from %java_jdk%\lib to C:\AditoSVN\Adito\lib

Third step:

Open a command prompt and goto the C:\AditoSVN\Adito directory

Enter: ant install

(You’ll get an error message regarding an old version conflict in one of the java-files. Check error and open the path, change the version from 1.x to 1.6, worked for me)

These steps are just quickies, use the wiki for more info…

Installing Adito on Debian (or generally Linux)

If you’re looking for instructions on how to install on Debian, please check this wiki out!