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Help me to help you
By buying a cert together Adito will be alive much longer!
Please see this post to understand and how to donate!

Before you start

  • Make sure to backup your earlier Adito installation, eg: C:\Program files\Adito
  • Try to install over existing installation to keep your setting (you did backup didn’t you?)
  • Make sure to understand the concept of a SVN release.I concider this as SVN Stable, but it shall be tested fully until put into production (by you)


What is new?

  • have granted me an Open Source Code signing certificate.
    (Jar in signed version is now executed outside the sandbox without any red warnings)
  • Several bugfixes, check out the SVN-log here
  • I can confirm Agent timeout multiple by 1000 bug is fixed 🙂
  • Several “new” applications available + new attenticate schemes like Active Directory, LDAP, PAM and UNIX-directory
  • A brand new extension store, hosted by me on:

Download SVN installer
For Java run time v1.8.0 or newer
Get the installer for version 0.9.1 SVN R706 signed version for Java 1.8, size 35,3MB (zipped executable )

For Java run time v1.7.0 or older
Get installer for version 0.9.1 SVN R706 signed version, size 28,1MB (expired, used the Java 1.8 version)
Get installer for version 0.9.1 SVN R706 unsigned version, size 24,3MB

If you are looking for the non SVN-version, download here

Why do you host the Extension Store now?

I have changed the version on this release and made it incompatible with existing store (I know there are override options but I didn’t want to combine them).

I also don’t know who host the, so it was much easier to handle it myself.

The Extension Store includes all the SVN applications, plus some of my own. If you contact me, I could even include some of yours, if you want 🙂

Step-by-step setup guides

Installation, scroll down on the installer page

For a guide on setting up RDP to your Adito server, check it out here

Problems, bugs or other questions?

Please use the comments field below. Make sure to subscribe to comments, that way it is more easy to follow upon your solution.


It will remove EVERYTHING! Please use with caution, especially after you customize.


I have successfully reinstalled above the old version without problems, so if you are upgrading: stop the service/console and just install above the old one.

If you install LDAP extensions or simular you have to do a “reinstall” using the “first time installer” icon in the start-menu

Step-by-step information

Installer for SVN is identical as the 0.9.1 version, please check pictures out here

I want to compile my own version, how?

(I followed this Wiki, below is a quick extract of what I did)

You gain the posibility to sign the agent with a valid certificate if you do it yourself

First step:

Download and install Java SE JDK 6 Update 25

Download and extract Apache Ant 1.8.2 to C:\ant

Set the system PATH variable to c:\ant\bin and %java_jdk%\bin

Reboot your computer…

Second step:

Use a SVN browser download the source code trunk from sourceforge

Store it in C:\AditoSVN

Copy tools.jar file from %java_jdk%\lib to C:\AditoSVN\Adito\lib

Third step:

Open a command prompt and goto the C:\AditoSVN\Adito directory

Enter: ant install

(You’ll get an error message regarding an old version conflict in one of the java-files. Check error and open the path, change the version from 1.x to 1.6, worked for me)

These steps are just quickies, use the wiki for more info…

Installing Adito on Debian (or generally Linux)

If you’re looking for instructions on how to install on Debian, please check this wiki out!

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  31 Responses to “Installer – SVN”

  1. hi all

    i have the old version of adito working on centos but agents cannot login when upgrading to Windows 10, windows 7 works perfect.

    i have tested installing adito 0.9.1.svn for java 1.8 on a windows test machine and i can login from a windows 10 using mozilla firefox.

    how can i backup my old centos adito installation and import it on my production environment?

    is this possible since the adito version will be svn?

    Any ideas will be appreciated.

    thank you

    • Hi Kimonas,

      I dunno how to handle CentOS adito installation.
      But on Windows I have created a backup and installed the SVN on top with success.
      Could be tried…

      Regards. Lars

  2. Hi Lars,

    Do you know how to extend web session idle timeout for adito ??? i think it’s only 5 minutes idle timeout ….

  3. Hello Lars,
    My avast anti-virus blocked the installation of Adito.
    For avast it’s a threat.

  4. Hi Lars,

    I’ve purchased a java code signed certificate at thawte. I’ve the .crt, the root and the intermediate ca .crts.
    I’ve done this before, but i don’t remember how to get .pkcs12 using the java keytool and the .crt files

    I’ll appreciate your help.

    Thanks a lot. César

  5. Hi Lars. I have installed Adito-SVN for 1.8 now and still see the big Donation Ad. Can you please explain how to remove this? I have no Java knowledge and cannot find the file where the add is placed.

  6. very very very good.

    i have installed your version on Windows, copied adito directory to a Linux ubuntu server 14.04, installed java 1.8, ant and works perfecly.

    now we need of tls 1.2, do you know if it’s possible implementng on it?

    thx for all

    • Hi Roberto, did you see the article ?
      It is a workaround that are confirmed with others. I do not belive that Adito will get tls 1.2 since nobody are developing it anymore.
      Branches might fix it, but I do not know about any.

      Regards. Large

  7. Hi Lars

    I have used your signed 🙂
    Are you able to make a new one?

    Regards Mark

    • Hi Mark,

      The renewal process for a SSL-cert was to time demanding, so I let the time run out on it.
      I will in the future write an guide on how to sign your own adito-agent with your cert.
      My time is limited, so it will be a couple of months before it is online.

      Regards. Lars

  8. Hello Lars,

    We also have a Linux based Adito installation. My collegue has replaced the in /conf/repository/archives by your as stated by Arry.
    Unfortunately we still have a security popup. For example Chrome says:

    Application blocked. Click for details. Your security settings have blocked an application from running due to a missing “Permissions” manifest attribute in the main jar.

    It seems like the wrong launcher.jar is loaded because your launcher.jar is already signed…
    Do you have a clue?

    Best regards,


    • Hi Dirk,

      I’ve never installed Adito on a linux distro.
      But I have seen in the Windows version that you need to restart the service when doing changes.
      Hopefully someone could create a dep-package for linux or something, I’ll host it here for a simple wget + install.

      Regards. Lars

  9. Hi Lars,

    good news and thanks for the job well done!

    I tested your solution on a Linux box.

    In order to get it working you need to:
    1. replace the existing file located in /conf/repository/archives with the file you created
    2. reboot the server

    During the first launch, the client will download the new agent automatically and you will see no Java warnings any more.

    I hope it helps

  10. Hi Lars,
    would you know which .jar files have changed as a result of your compilation of the agent with the certum certificate?

    I am trying to port your solution to the Linux environment and would like just to substitute the necessary files


    • Hi Arry,

      The only files signed was “launcher.jar” and “launcher-en.jar” in the file.
      It is located in conf\repository\archives\
      I believe that you could extract the directory directly in linux and launch it using ant?

      Please let me know if it works and how you did it.
      Could be useful to others Linux users 🙂
      I could provide a direct link to a zip-file for a simple wget later on.


  11. Hi Lars,

    First of all,sry for my bad english.

    I’m already installed Adito and using my own ssl certificate. My problem is the agent cannot connect of all. So, i use google to find solution of my problem. Many of source tell me that adito agent and web using different certificate. Then i think, maybe the agent not yet using my own certificate. So, my question is how to import certificate for the agent … ??? i’m looking for to edit the agent certificate but cannot find it. Hope you can help me …..

    • I experienced something similar.
      Please make a backup of your Adito directory and run the installation again. That solved the issue for me + all the old data/setup was kept! 🙂
      Retry to create a cert if it still does not work.

      Regards. Lars

  12. Hi Lars,

    Is this package or previous packages affected at all by the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug? I ‘ve read certain OpenVPN builds are affected. Thanks!

  13. Hi Lars, I work for a company that’s been using this in production for quite some time now as a windows RDP gateway. Lately java updates have been implying that they’ll no longer run unsigned/unknown code. I may be willing to donate towards the cost of a code signing cert plus a little extra for your time if you can re-compile the SVN build with it. Please let me know what you think of this as we have nobody with java skills within our company.

    I’d have no problem with the signed build being shared with the rest of your fans either. I’m just offering a little incentive to get the ball rolling. Once again, let me know what you think.



  14. Hi Large,
    thx for the quick response.

    I tried to start up with the start menu item ” console using java” which leads to the RunWithJava.bat file.

    It starts a DOS box and shows:
    Starting Adito <press CRL-C or close windows to terminate)
    Stop Adito-service if you are checking for errors…
    Press any key to continue . . .

    When I press the key, the DOS box closes and nothing happened. In my services list, the adito service still won't run.


    • That is pretty strange, the pause is issued after the program was launched.
      Java is never silent when stuff doesn’t work 😉

      1. Download/Reinstall Java 32-bit from
      2. Check the security settings in Controlpanel -> Java (32 bit) -> Advanced -> Security (enable stuff just to test, screenshot before messing with this)
      3. Try enabling the Java Debugger functions to help figure out what happens.

      These are the tips on the top of my head atm…

  15. I try to install it, but every time I get the windows error 1067 when I want to start the service. Where do I go wrong.

    My system is a Win 2008 server (on Dell Hardware)
    I don’t run IIS (at least the service is not started)

    Help ?

    • Hi Jeroen

      Please goto the Start menu and select the “RunWithJava.bat” script from there.
      If you got an error, please google it.
      If you don’t get clever on that, paste it in here and I’ll figure it out with you 🙂

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