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How to use SizeMe?

Rightclick a directory anywhere in Explorer, and press “Find sizes with www.SizeMe”. Change the size you want to compare it against.
If the directory/file is marked RED the directory does not fit on the given media size.
There is possible to scan any directory in the given list by rightclicking on it, and press Scan “Directory name”. That way you can move higher in the hierarchy or goto the parent directory.
A context menu is also added on each disc. You can Copy to clipboard, copy to any disk location, move to any disk location or delete. If you like to be in control you can also simply mark each disc.
The drag and drop support makes it also possible for you to drag the files anywhere in explorer. By holding down SHIFT while you’re dragging then the files will be moved into that location.

If you want to help me write some real docs, please email me at: lars@werner.no