Jan 022006

SizeMe has just been updated to version 1.8.4

Key features in the update:

  • ISO-file support!
  • New eye-candy so it doesn’t look so ugly 🙂
  • Removed the donatebutton and replaced it with a more discrete button
  • Added hotkeys for quicker support

Hotkey list:

  • F2 – Change label on the ISO-file
  • F4 – Update new sizes
  • F5 – Rescan current directory
  • F6 – Comparison style: Linear -> Big
  • F7 – Comparison style: Switched
  • F8 – Comparsion style: Random
  • F9 – Scan new directory
  • F10 – Scan parent directory

There are requestes for features that are added to the list, the next annoucement of SizeMe is the brand new MUSICMODE feature for your mp3-player! The next release will containt that feature!

Please check out the Usage link and help me write documentation for this thingy. I have not much sparetime on this util and it would be best if someone else wrote the docs.

Thank you for every donations, I have not yet got my hands on the StarBurn SDK, but I’ve manipulated it a littlebit so their nagscreen only shows a moment. When the donations reaches the right amount I will buy it.

I have also played with the idea to implement the Nero SDK into SizeMe, that way you can burn the stuff with the Nero engine directly from SizeMe. Could be a pretty cool feature, please comment it 🙂

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  1. very efficient application

  2. thx m8 nice program. 🙂

  3. Thanks

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