Dec 292005

SizeMe updates are around the corner. I’m finished with the new ISO-creationmodule, and it is working good now. It will be released when the donationmoney is enough for the StarBurn SDK 🙂 I have also contacted the StarBurn developerteam to hear if I can get a freeware version of the library without the nag-screen.

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  1. Butch alburn:
    You are able to change the size as you like. But in the V2.0 it has special sizes for each standard mp3 players. Ranging from 64MB to 60GB, hopefully you’ll find v2.0 quite usefull for you 🙂

  2. This is a excellant program ver. 1.8.4 … I have 3 MP3 players that all hold different size sd memory cards.
    128 bit
    256,512 and even 1 GB

    How about your pull down list menu have ALL sizes of SD disks on it? Or better yet (maybe easier?) let the user put in a Size for the created disks ??

    I will be waiting for version 2 and will donate when I try out that one. I don’t mind paying for good software that someone worked so hard on ….

    Walter (butch) Alburn

  3. Sachab: I’ll contact you when the multilanguage module is finished…

  4. Hi,

    I test SizeMe. If you want i can make a French version.


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