RealVNC, TightVNC and UltraVNC modifications


After using the VNC protocol I decided to make modifications to viewer so it could have caption bar when you entered the full screen-mode. All clones are already compiled and ready to use. When new versions are out please let me know.

Screenshoot (at the top of your screen)
Fullscreen captionbar picture

Important information:
Ultr@VNC likes the captionbar and has it integrated into their default compilation. Goto their homepage and fetch the latest version of it. Thnx for the support guys πŸ™‚
The rest of the developers (RealVNC and TightVNC) did not take the time to answer the mail, therefore the updates will take a little longer there.

UltraVNC viewer (zip-file, 268kB) (version RC1.09) – Click the UltraVNC logo to download their latest version!
RealVNC RealVNC viewer (zip-file, 126kB) (version 4.0 free-edition)
RealVNC viewer (zip-file, 120kB) (version 4.0b4)
RealVNC viewer (zip-file, 95kB) (version 337)
Tight VNC TightVNC viewer (zip-file, 155kB) (version 1.3 dev6)
TightVNC viewer (zip-file, 154kB) (version 1.3 dev3)
TightVNC viewer (zip-file, 123kB) (version 1.2.9 stable)

UltraVNC winsrc (zip-file, 2,54MB) (version RC1.09)
RealVNC winsrc (zip-file, 918kB) (version 337)
RealVNC winsrc (zip-file, 884kB) (version 4.0b4)
RealVNC winsrc (zip-file,954kB) (version 4.0 free-edition UNICODE)
TightVNC winsrc (zip-file, 1,63MB) (version 1.2.9 stable)
TightVNC winsrc (zip-file, 2,11MB) (version 1.3 dev3)
TightVNC winsrc (zip-file, 1,78MB) (version 1.3 dev6)

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  7 Responses to “RealVNC, TightVNC and UltraVNC modifications”

  1. I haven’t compiled it in VS2008/2010… I would take a look at UltraVNC here: and check what changes they have made to the FullScreenTitleBar.cpp/h

    My best guess is that is that FullScreenTitleBar.h is added two times and #pragma once is missing @ the top.

  2. ClientConnectionFullScreen.cpp:
    Error E2238 FullScreenTitleBar.h 28: Multiple declaration for ‘CTitleBar’
    Error E2344 FullScreenTitleBar.h 27: Earlier declaration of ‘CTitleBar’
    *** 2 errors in Compile ***

    ** error 1 ** deleting ClientConnectionFullScreen.obj

    can you help?

  3. I loaded your VNC-modification some weeks ago, uses it and forgot your website. So I tried Google and looked for some “About ..” or “Read me ..” – but I could not found anything. Now I found your site again per incident (searching SizeMe) ..

    Maybe you want to add some “about-information” in your modification?

    Thanks for the tool.


  4. James: I’m glad that you liked the features. The sliding stuff is not my bad. I just wanted it to look like the remote desktop thingy and for users that are not familuar with the captionbar will see it :).
    I haven’t got any reply from the TightVNC developer on this mod, and I have added a sourceforge update message and mailed the authors. Since I did not implement it using CVS they did not bother to add it. BUT the UltraVNC developers was much nicer. After I noticed them about it they started implement it into the CVS for me. Thumbsup for the UltraVNC thumbsdown for the TightVNC.
    My advice is to download a cvs snapshot from today and start implement your modifications. If the main developers like it they will publish it in a official release πŸ™‚

  5. Very nice, it seemed like an obvious addition and it’s good to see that someone took the time to do it. I’m not a fan of the moving tab (how it slowly moves onto/off the screen) but all in all great mod.

    Have you had any interaction with the TightVNC dev’s? I’m thinking about getting involved (I’ve made some modifications before), but I don’t know where to start.

  6. russ: Well I haven’t made any detection routine that moves the toolbar if another one exists. Maybe I’ll look into it some time πŸ™‚

  7. what do you think about this as a feature:
    if you have several VNC clients open the “” in the caption bar becomes a drop down populated with all your VNC sessions. selecting a item from the drop down switches you to the other sessions.

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