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RealVNC, TightVNC and UltraVNC modifications

After using the VNC protocol I decided to make modifications to viewer so it could have caption bar when you entered the full screen-mode. All clones are already compiled and ready to use. When new versions are out please let me know.

Screenshoot (at the top of your screen)
Fullscreen captionbar picture

Important information:
UltraVNC likes the captionbar and has it integrated into their default compilation. Goto their homepage and fetch the latest version of it. Thnx for the support guys 🙂
The rest of the developers (RealVNC and TightVNC) did not take the time to answer the mail, therefore the updates will take a little longer there.

UltraVNC viewer official – remote link

Historical version:
UltraVNC viewer (zip-file, 268kB) (version RC1.09) – Click the UltraVNC logo to download their latest version!

RealVNC RealVNC viewer (zip-file, 126kB) (version 4.0 free-edition)
RealVNC viewer (zip-file, 120kB) (version 4.0b4)
RealVNC viewer (zip-file, 95kB) (version 337)
Tight VNC TightVNC viewer (zip-file, 155kB) (version 1.3 dev6)
TightVNC viewer (zip-file, 154kB) (version 1.3 dev3)
TightVNC viewer (zip-file, 123kB) (version 1.2.9 stable)

UltraVNC winsrc (zip-file, 2,54MB) (version RC1.09)
RealVNC winsrc (zip-file, 918kB) (version 337)
RealVNC winsrc (zip-file, 884kB) (version 4.0b4)
RealVNC winsrc (zip-file,954kB) (version 4.0 free-edition UNICODE)
TightVNC winsrc (zip-file, 1,63MB) (version 1.2.9 stable)
TightVNC winsrc (zip-file, 2,11MB) (version 1.3 dev3)
TightVNC winsrc (zip-file, 1,78MB) (version 1.3 dev6)