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Spesific news about SizeMe software

SizeMe v2.0 – Major update!

SizeMe has now reached version 2.0. A great day for me, and it could be yours to 🙂

There is much information about the update, since I started using WordPress I have been able to write stuff down along the way 🙂

Here are the latest features that are added to the software:

  • * Modechanger between the different modes
  • * Musicmode!

      What is that?
      First it will collect information about your mp3’s (other formats will come, like ogg). Then it will compare the music against your own filter of choice (many combinations like: only this genre, only this artist and so on). All the music that gets through the filter will be grouped based on the size of your player. This is quick effective way to fill your mp3player up, if you’re in a hurry.

      What it is not?
      This software is not a “smartplaylist”, yet. I’ve played with the idea of making a filerating-shellextension thingy that will make database on the files you rate. But still you have to rate it yourself, and other solutions like the iTunes musicdatabase gets directly from the player on how many times a song has been played and so on, so their solution will always be better than what I can cook up.

      I don’t understand it?
      Since most of my time is based on programming rather than writing docs, I’ve decided to reach out: Are there any kind souls than can write some documentation about the software? Your support will be a great help for me, and your site and name will be included into the program!
  • *Backup mode (Will be added to the next big update!)

      What is that?
      You have the backupmode choice in the modechanger, this feature will be added in the near future. It will make it possible to take backup of multiple levels. It will also include a simple filesplitter and a system based on bat-scripts that joins the files together.

      When will it be done?
      Well I program on my spare time. And I can make more sparetime with more donation money. Therefor you can donate and the progress will be quicker!

  • * By size (flat-line mode)

      What is that?
      This is the orginal mode, it will work just like the earlier versions. I’ve fixed some bugs that might make your day 🙂 This will mark directories bigger than the constant with red, but soon the backup mode will handle these. This mode is going unchanged in the versions ahead. Since a flat-level grouping is sometimes smart, other times not.

  • * Made the contextmenus optional
  • * Improved the contextinfotexts (eyecandy)
  • * Created a settingswizard that makes it possible to change settings before SizeMe are started (like turn off the internet update, there has been requests for this. Odd though, paranoid bastards! :))
  • * A new “comparison” than just adds in straight order to groups, not optimizing at all. This is also a request

      I’ve changed the hot-keys based on this new comparison routine. The new keys are now F9 to F12. F9 is Linear, F10 is Big2Small, F11 is random, and F12 is none. F6 is now a new directory and F7 is rescan current. The rest is the same.

  • * Fixed a bug in the Drag’n’Drop routine, it should now add all directories. Many reported this, here is the fix!
  • * Added a Crashhandler. This will handle crashes and errors with a easy reportbacksystem
  • * It is now possible to doubleclick on a directory to scan that (rightclick is no longer needed)
  • * Added optional “delete” function under a virtual disc (after a user complain). Enable / disable it using the Wizard!
  • * The ISO window now accept files, so you can create custom ISO files to. Rightclick on an iso-image and press Edit and you will be able to customize the image
  • * Added the cool mouseprogress class to handle a progressbar while it searches for music.

Get SizeMe here!

Mouse progress control article

I’m working on finishing a new version of SizeMe but since the new version calculate so much then I wanted a new fancy progress control to show it.

I’ve searched and searched for a progressbar that followed the mouse on the net, but I did not find one. So I had to make it myself 🙂

Since I like to share nice controls with others I’ve decided to publish an article on this subject. The article can be read here

Stay tuned for the new SizeMe version, soon on a teather near you!

Dead motherboard

I got some major setbacks yesterday. The motherboard on my PC died and I’m waiting for a replacement today. I suddenly realized that my computer is OLD 🙂 The 478 socket is almost gone, and I was lucky to snap the last motherboard with the Intel i875P chipset.
Now this will delay the release of SizeMe since I have to reformat and set it all up again. Not much I can do other than wait, but I’ve also bought a s-ata raid controller to so I can mirror the 2 drives containing the sourcecode and other projects 🙂

For you guys that misses predefined selections in SizeMe: You’re in luck, since my pc stopped working I’ve started a smaller project on my laptop. It will modify the default directoryselection and add shortcuts in the right of the window. Check out this early developerpicture:

Dir selector

I’ve decided that I’m going to release the sourcecode for this selector, and make a quick article about it. Maybe other developers find it usefull.