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Dead motherboard

I got some major setbacks yesterday. The motherboard on my PC died and I’m waiting for a replacement today. I suddenly realized that my computer is OLD 🙂 The 478 socket is almost gone, and I was lucky to snap the last motherboard with the Intel i875P chipset.
Now this will delay the release of SizeMe since I have to reformat and set it all up again. Not much I can do other than wait, but I’ve also bought a s-ata raid controller to so I can mirror the 2 drives containing the sourcecode and other projects 🙂

For you guys that misses predefined selections in SizeMe: You’re in luck, since my pc stopped working I’ve started a smaller project on my laptop. It will modify the default directoryselection and add shortcuts in the right of the window. Check out this early developerpicture:

Dir selector

I’ve decided that I’m going to release the sourcecode for this selector, and make a quick article about it. Maybe other developers find it usefull.