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SizeMe v1.8.4 – Minor update

Some of the donations has been used to buy the StarBurn SDK. This version of SizeMe contain the registered version of their dll. Thank you Anton A. Kolomyeytsev and Artem A. Berman for the help!

There are also some small updates here to:

  • Updated the tooltip bubble on ISO-creation list
  • All paths are now shown with long filepaths

Teaser, teaser, teaser!
From the first day I start working on SizeMe I’ve got several good requests for how the application should work. One of the requests was a “musicmode” function. I liked that idea so much so such function will be available in the next version. SizeMe will then round v2.0 and it containt a cool modechanger between normalmode and musicmode. I’ve been thinking of a “backupmode” too, since many of you use SizeMe mainly for backup. But that is for the future.

To show you my progress, please check out these pictures:
SizeMe MusicMode teaser 1 SizeMe MusicMode teaser 2 SizeMe MusicMode teaser 3
(These pictures are developer pictures in progress and there is some missing features like options that are not shown here)

I have also decided to start on the Multilanguage support for SizeMe, but I haven’t found any good solution to integrate that yet.

It would be great with some feedback on this. And remember if you’re good at graphics, design, layout or anything in that direction don’t hessitate to contact me for some god’ol icon creation 🙂