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Warning: This version is based on original binary release and contains several bugs. Please use the SVN version instead!

The installer uses the NSIS-installer, thanks a lot for this guys!


  • Java Runtime Enviroment v1.7.0 or older! (Note that Java v1.8.0 is not supported)

Read changes needed for version Java v1.7.0!

  • 25-30MB of space

  • Little network & config knowledge

Download installer

Note: The installer contains tools.jar so the required JDK isn’t needed for installation. Pretty stupid with a 65MB installation just to get this 12MB file

If you are looking for the Adito SVN-version, download here

Step-by-step guides

For the guide on how to install it, read below!

For a guide to set up RDP to your Adito server, check here

Download NSIS Installerscript – developers only

I finally got around to release the OpenVPN-ALS (Adito) installerscript!

Download it here (21,6MB)

If you are use the Installer script, here is the deal:

* I want to be credited, linked back here…

* You publish the new installer web references here!

* I’ll add it to the page so others can play around with your release!

That would be great for the community, and probably fix a bug or two for those who problems installing this ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Download & Install NSIS

  2. Extract “Includes to NSIS.rar” to %programfiles%NSISInclude

  3. Use a decent NSIS Editor, like HM NIS Edit (It does have a simple, but good, IDE!)

  4. Play around in the AditoInstaller.nsi file to see what it does

  5. When you are stuck use NSIS Docs and Wiki

Don’t cry when you mess up, redo!


I don’t know anything at the moment, use the comments-field


It will remove EVERYTHING! Please use with caution especially after you customize.


I have successfully reinstalled above the old version without problems so if you are upgrading, stop the service/console and just install above the old one.

Also check out this wiki on how to make a copy of your config

Step-by-step information

  1. Welcome screen


  1. License and information regarding licenses


  1. Java-check, this will look for register-entries regarding the JRE and notify you if you don’t have java-installed.

Java checker

  1. The destination path for the installation


  1. Status-progress of the file copying

File copying

  1. Webconfiguration of Adito (Now called OpenVPN ALS), please read!

Adito webconfig

After starting this configuration you will have a command-prompt that again will open a browser window with the config. Here is the command-prompt running the config

Webconfig running

The browser should lead you to this page

Webconfig browser

Run through the wizard it should be easy to understand. Questions regarding the config, use the Adito (OpenVPN ALS) Wiki

  1. Run adito (OpenVPN ALS) as service is the most common way. The example shows that it doesn’t install it as service but that is just to show the next frame ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adito as service

  1. Run in console fires up the Adito (OpenVPN ALS) in a command-prompt

Run adito in console

  1. Finished!

Adito install finished

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  110 Responses to “Installer”

  1. […] be sorta tricky so Lars Werner made an awesome installer using NSIS-Installer. Make sure you have the latest Java […]

  2. Hello. I had this working and then goofed… So I re-installed and now am having trouble getting RDP to work again. Got the internal website re-direct going so I can deliver intranet and some internal apps. RDP works fine when I test internally with XP, not on VISTA. On an external connection issues persist with RDP. I am going to open up the extension zip files and have a look. Otherwise, this is a great app that I plan to use for remote admin access.


  3. Great installer. Installed fine on my 2003 Term Server box. Now just trying to figure out how to use it with RDP.

    Going to WIki and will start reading.


    – Lou

  4. Does anyone know how to include an entire folder as part of the extension.xml section?

    I have tried:

    and neither has worked and cause a checksum error when uploaded to SSL-Explorer. I want to include the whole folder rather than grab individual files within because some of the files in the folder are dynamically created after using the program on the server machine.

  5. @sweiss: You can use one of the following services to track your dynamic IP:

    These services give you a Static DNS on the web that directs to your Dynamic IP at home. Your Dynamic IP is regularly checked for any changes and is updated when it does.

    Then you simply point your browser to (PS. https:// is port 443)to access Adito/OpenVPS-ALS.

    This setup is very useful for all types of connections to a Dynamic IP. For example I also have a Real VNC server that serves a Java applet for VNC on port 5800 so I simply type hhtp:// into internet browser and I get a can VNC session into home PC!


  6. first thank you for this grate show ๐Ÿ˜‰
    might be silly but sorry i am just a beginner
    this needs a static ip ,&what if i connect through a router ?!!
    how can i solve this

    i’m sure that i’m missing something here so please explain it for me

  7. Frederic:
    It has been quiet like a desert after the release of the installer script…

    Should be pretty fear to setup a automated SVN script, based on the installer script, but nobody has stepped up.

    People should read about the future of the OpenVPN ALS project:

    I fully understand Mattock that have, at his best, driven the project ahead and not getting the response he need.

    The option “Cut down complexity by at least 80% by removing all but the most essential functionality. This might enable the project to be fully community-driven. ” would be the best for me. If a simple API is provided alot of plugins could be made and still keep the “core-programmers” in action with user donations.

  8. Thanks for all the hard work, just curious if you ever had any feedback if some other has created a SVN installer ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have googled for it but not really found any.

  9. Ignore them. Some people are retards…thanks for your hard work large.

  10. lol, the installer already exists and comments “commanding” a update will be soooo ignored.

  11. can you create a windows installer already!

  12. No Frederic, I’ve released the installer script so others can make it. I don’t have much time these days…

  13. Hello Lars, Did you ever get to creating an installer for the SVN files?

    Something must have happend during the last year since the files was uploaded to sourceforge ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. thx large for publishing installer script!!

  15. NSIS Installer script has been added!
    If you are a developer/hacker and want to make a SVN OpenVPN-ALS installer-script download it from
    (Please respect the terms I’ve written for it, others want to know what happens)

    Lars Werner

  16. mark:
    Take your time and check out the Hak5-introduction of OpenVPN-ALS.
    You can make users and run it off an Linux server, but since it was made with java it also run on Windows. That is where my installer comes in…

    OpenVPN-ALS is a webbased VPN-system that doesn’t require a client, only the javaruntime (on the server & client) and works a little different than traditional VPN client/server systems that you might be familiar with.

  17. Is this VPN software? Can you make user accounts for it an run it off a regular linux server? This stuff is so confusing.

  18. Tio:
    I got one, yes. But it is personal and since SSL Explorer Enterprise is in the ownership of Barracuda you cannot use mine. It is also restricted to 2-users only.

    Please read this note from 3SP (that is the firm Barracuda bought):

  19. large, i found installer for SSL-Explorer Enterprise Edition (similar to Adito), but it needs license file to activate the free version.
    do u have one?

  20. “Redirect disk drives” under local resources, what does that do exactly ? Sorry my question might be silly. Thank again for all the info.

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