SizeMe makes it possible to scan a directory and compare it to how many floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need. (Many calls it spanning or span of elements over a medium). It tries to fill each disc up as much as possible, and gives you the result on each disc.

v2.0 is here, click here to read about the update!

Maximize your output!

SizeMe scans a directory and compare it to how many

floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need. Not to be mistaken with the movie

Super Size Me 🙂 Visit Morgans great site on SuperSize Me dot com or visit Super SizeMe at

This is your ultimate file organizer for burning a huge collection of files!

SizeMe w/ISO creation SizeMe w/Music mode

(Click the image for fullsize)

Download current version by clicking the link v2.0.0 build: 1926



  • MusicMode a “Playlist generator” added
  • Wizard for setting your options
  • Some critical bugs fixed!


  • ISO file creation on a disc
  • Possible to use hotkeys for functions
  • Context menu handle on every item
  • Copy, move and delete function on each disc
  • Each scan is done in only once instance
  • Drag’n’Drop support so you can simply drag the Disc into Nero (or any other preferred burning software) and it will add the maximized disc. Remember that you can right-click on the discs to, functions like: copy, move and so on are there
  • Customizes as you select
  • Context menu handling by right clicking on a drive anywhere in Explorer

Feedback and links to other sites

“Tool Of The Week@ Week of July 24, 2005”

“Download of The Day – August 12, 2005”

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  131 Responses to “SizeMe”

  1. I agree with Mardurk. Please add Unicode support to this app. In this modern age of globalization and internationalization you cannot afford to ignore the Unicode standard. I had to uninstall this very promising looking application, simply because it won’t support filenames in Asian characters (Chinese, Japanese and Korean mainly).

  2. […] voi lettori di Geekissimo, allora, probabilmente, un utile ed efficiente programmino gratuito quale SizeMe potrebbe rivelarsi un vero e proprio toccasana in situazioni di questo […]

  3. […] movies on your PC, you would want it to be burned to CD/DVD to free up space occupied on hard disk. SizeMe is a simple freeware application which helps you in such situations. Instead of manually finding […]

  4. Every time i try to input a new size on â??custom sizeâ?, the program crashes

  5. i have windows vista, sizme does not supported, may i have an update of this software support windows vista, or any software similar for this one.
    best regards

  6. Great program, great idea, wonderful ideas presented by the public…

    unfortunately, the programmer’s last post was two years ago so i doubt he’s still working on this project, or that we’ll hear from him anytime soon in this forum…

  7. I wish it could preserve date (or filename) sorting order. I don’t care about cramming a disc to capacity. My photo and vid collection from 1998 is arranged in year/month order, and backing it up to DVD would be great. If for example year 2006 DVD could fit only Jan thru half of March, then fine. Next DVD would be 2006 remaining March – Dec. Seems like I have to keep doing this manually and it’s a real pain.

  8. […] Download it from here; SizeMe […]

  9. There is a bug report.

    When I wrote all data in folder name disc1. I delete all data in it. and I leave disc1 as empty folder.
    Next week I use the program again, it make disc1\disc1\disc1\disc1\disc1\disc1\ infinite! it cannot be delete too!


  10. I used to have program that fill floppy disk many years ago.
    I search a program that can do this on dvd-r, then I found this program.
    thank you so much.

  11. I have gigs and gigs of photo’s I’m trying to span accross multiple dvd 5’s and Size me wont’ work since each folder is above 4.5 GB does anyone have a recommendation on a program that will do this for me, Nero will compress is and span it across different dvd’s but I need each disk readable, I don’t want to restore disks just to view the. Seems like a simple request yet I cant’ find a solution.

  12. Love the program! Just discovered it after trying to fill DVDs manually….. and at low efficiency 🙂

    Please can we have subfolder scanning also rather than just one directory. Most of my stuff is in nested directories.

  13. Tried running this on a 39Gb set of NAS files (2768 folders, 8632 files) across the network to back up to dvd. Program indicated one DVD to burn, but never showed any % and just drifted away. Left it for 30 mins to see if it was working away in the background. Can send a screen shot if it helps. Shame as it works ok otherwise 🙂

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  15. I have found a bug (but it’s probably in the listbox control and will just have to be worked around by you):

    I scanned a folder with 2046 sub-folders in it and the list on the left seems to be erasing itself after it is drawn. When I scroll or resize it, I can see the words flickering, but it ends up blank.

    Other than this small problem, I think SizeMe is a great program! Thank you so much for making it free! 🙁 I wish I could afford to make a donation…)

  16. Why is it that when I choose a 4gb dvd it makes a 2gb ISO, and when I chose an 8gb dvd, it makes a 4gb ISO.. Something’s not right.

  17. Yes, please! Thanks =)

  18. Hi Lars, could you please give any news or status of sizeme’s development? thanks

  19. Also it seams that it only sorts the dirs by directory.. so only the “sizing” works on entire dirs.. you can not span a dir across dvds?

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