SizeMe makes it possible to scan a directory and compare it to how many floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need. (Many calls it spanning or span of elements over a medium). It tries to fill each disc up as much as possible, and gives you the result on each disc.

v2.0 is here, click here to read about the update!

Maximize your output!

SizeMe scans a directory and compare it to how many

floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need. Not to be mistaken with the movie

Super Size Me 🙂 Visit Morgans great site on SuperSize Me dot com or visit Super SizeMe at

This is your ultimate file organizer for burning a huge collection of files!

SizeMe w/ISO creation SizeMe w/Music mode

(Click the image for fullsize)

Download current version by clicking the link v2.0.0 build: 1926



  • MusicMode a “Playlist generator” added
  • Wizard for setting your options
  • Some critical bugs fixed!


  • ISO file creation on a disc
  • Possible to use hotkeys for functions
  • Context menu handle on every item
  • Copy, move and delete function on each disc
  • Each scan is done in only once instance
  • Drag’n’Drop support so you can simply drag the Disc into Nero (or any other preferred burning software) and it will add the maximized disc. Remember that you can right-click on the discs to, functions like: copy, move and so on are there
  • Customizes as you select
  • Context menu handling by right clicking on a drive anywhere in Explorer

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  131 Responses to “SizeMe”

  1. Is there an command-line mode?

    • Sorry no, at the time of development, command line was not trendy 🙂 I do not have the algorithm loose of the gui objects, so it will be hard to extract. I guess some others have done this better over the years ?

  2. symantech version 14 end point is picking up your install file as a trojan gen 8 . I downloaded it to make sure it was not infected by a different app on my pc.

  3. I have the SizeMe program working on my home computer (Windows XP) with no problems. Just installed program (version on my laptop which runs Windows 7. Program loads fine but when I browse to enter the default folder location, the program is constantly running but nothing is happening. No buttons work. Had to CTRL-ALT-DELETE to stop it from continuing. Can you help me get the SizeMe program to run on this computer? I really do love it.

  4. does anyone actually have a download link for sizeme?-I’ve tries several times and can’t find it anywhere-ta

  5. Can I script the organizing process and the burning process?

    • Hi Lucas,

      Sorry no, there is not implemented any scripting functions.
      The function as SizeMe does is pretty simple to implement into any script, for instant a VBScript:

      dim oFS, oFolder
      set oFS = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
      set oFolder = oFS.GetFolder("c:\")

      ShowFolderDetails oFolder

      sub ShowFolderDetails(oF)
      dim F
      wscript.echo oF.Name & ":Size=" & oF.Size
      wscript.echo oF.Name & ":#Files=" & oF.Files.Count
      wscript.echo oF.Name & ":#Folders=" & oF.Subfolders.count
      wscript.echo oF.Name & ":Size=" & oF.Size
      for each F in oF.Subfolders
      end sub

      By using this code as starter and put it into an array, you can group each size of the folders and do a trial/error search based on the size you want to match. SizeMe uses the sum of each directory for 1 level to group, that makes it a hell lot easier to program it 🙂

      Regards. Lars

  6. Nice way to optimize DVD’s. Just one issue – It optimizes based on files. That means it’ll move files out of directories and into the root directory when performing optimization…so organized files become unorganized. Also you can’t see that this has happened until you drag the compiliation into a burner program.

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  8. Does not support Blu Ray. I know you can customize, but do not know exactly the size of the blu rays. Because it always gets to 99% and never 100%?

    • It does support Blu-ray, but you have to enter your capacity by your self.

      See Wiki for more info:
      Standard disc size, single layer = 25,025,314,816 Bytes
      Standard disc size, dual layer = 50,050,629,632 Bytes

      Even though you get the capacity set right, you probably will get 99% in most cases because of the last-% is hard on any media to fill.

  9. Thank you for this software. Much better then other ones that are offered.

  10. Excellent Freeware…

    It scans the sizes of all the files & immediate sub-directories inside the user selected directory, then arrange them in groups, which could be later burn in to disks for a maximum utilization of space in each disk, and the requirement of no of disks being minimized.
    Well, any thing inside sub-directories stays there itself, they are not further moved or merged in different groups.

    But, the software cannot be fully utilized when files to be burned are in multiple directories located in different drives.. a single scan operation cannot be performed on them.. [Plz correct me if I am wrong..]

    I have a huge no of files to be burned in DVDs, which I can not copy in to a single folder. So, if I scan them separately, I don’t get the best optimization.

    Expecting the new version will solve this issue..

    Thank u…

  11. Hi Lars!
    You did a great job on SizeMe, congratulations!
    However, there’s a problem: I have to split a collection of 200GB to fit on DVD-R DL’s.
    There’s one file in the collection which is 4.3GB in size and which gives SizeMe troubles. In the ISO file, the size of this file is only 300MB. Is there a limitation in filesizes bigger 4GB? I’m using XP 32bit, all NTFS.
    Kind regards,

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  14. The Backup Mode will definitely add a lot of value. There is nothing in this category that can do that.

  15. Terrific software! It saves me many dvds as well as time.
    I will surely recommend it to my friends.
    Thank you very much!

  16. Include option of spanning data

    1. (The way you have it now)Algorithm to take up max disc space on each disc
    2. An algorithm were there are minimal breaks for files and folders-mainly
    3 Spanning where the user has the option to organize the files/folders on which disc they go on when working with a large group of files/folders.
    this option is good for files/folders where organization is needed.

  17. Nice, smart little app, works very well for me (I run Win 7 x64). Previously I used Burn to the Brim, but I disliked its interface. Thank you Lars.

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