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  1. mejpel:
    Great mejpel! 🙂 If you want the mute-commercials to work in Windows 7 run the program in XP-mode.

  2. Hey. Thougt I would just stop by and say that SpotiAmp works great with Windows 7 x64. Hotkeys even so… The mute button volume buttons don’t work for me but hey, I only use hotkeys and for that reson i downloaded it. Much thanks for a great ap! Regards from sweden!

  3. Hey Lars,

    Have you run across a way to use adito to gain an IP address on an internal network without having to publish resources? Basicly an SSL VPN client/adapter?

  4. Hey, love the idea of muting commercials in Spotify with SpotiAmp, but im a Mac user today, so ill just have to wait for someone to make something like this for Mac OSX 10.6..
    Du kunne ikke lagd den til Mac du?

  5. Absolutely superb unpacker program Lars. Exactly what I was looking for and free…I don’t believe it! One thing that you could possibly add for the next version would be the option to permanently have a setting a location for the unpacked archives instead of having to right click the selected ones to get this functionality each time. The program is still amazing and I thank you very much!

  6. Regarding VNC mods (
    – TightVNC is now 1.3.9 stable (and been for a year or so)
    – UltraVNC is now

  7. Hi there,
    can u add a (add another directory) function to SizeMe???
    the best reason to use this program is when we’re running out of disk space and want to burn stuff on dvd’s. and my stuff are divided into hdd’s. I’d like SizeMe to look at all those folders and get the sizes from them and do its thing.

  8. Hello Lars, I need a program that does what SizeMe does, but for audio CD’s, based on TIME not file size. Do you have a product like that? or do you plan to offer this feature in the next release of size me? Thanks.

  9. Lars

    Just the program I’m looking for. I have a directory that has 4 subfolders in it each subfolder has 126 subfolders with files in them. When I run sizeme to put them to a dvd I’m getting only about 45 % used, is this because you do not want to keep the subfolders together?

  10. SizeMe: Great program, only downside I can find is the inability to break large folders up over multiple DVDs/CDs automatically.

  11. DanceMania: You can also send me e-mails on this you know 🙂 A direct link into the burning programs has not been included, because it does not work so well. The best (and safest) way is to drag’n’drop files into the project, that way SizeMe does nothing else than provide a filelist to the program you’ll useing. But I’m thinking of implementing the Nero Burn SDK into SizeMe so you can directly burn stuff in the queue. ISO files does not link, they hardcopy the file into the ISO structure. So if you’re doing a backup then you’ll need to create new iso files each time. It is not possible (at this time) to add more directories for comparison. I’ll add support like Ignition does at a later time (a groupsystem). RSS feeds on comments will be publish as news when ready 🙂

  12. Oh another question: how is possible to let SizeMe read different folders in different drives [i.e. C:\MP3_new_files\New Singles and D:\MP3_new_files\New Singles] and then supplly the DiscX files? I hate when I see Disc6 (8%), lol.

  13. Dear Lars, I decreased to Custom Size [DVD-5] to 4480 MB, and now Nero Burning ROM is working fine [different of Ashampoo Bunning Studio wich burned one dvd with usual 4482 MB, but got any error after burned dvd – oversized?]. Seems it fix the ‘not enough space’ issue.. do you think is possible to add addon or a shortcut to create “burning projects” to put directly into burn softwares, I mean: rigght click on Disc1 (99%) and the choose something like ‘Burn with Nero’ or ‘Burn With…’ [using a path provided by user]. Also, I want to know if those ISOs made by SizeMe will add files to an ISO or will create a kind of ‘link’ to files I want to backup [as long as I only backup mp3 files, singles, cds, vinyls in mp3 format, etc.]

    Also, I’d ask you if is possible to add all comments to RSS feed.

    And thanks for the fast answer.

  14. DanceMania: Sometimes the FindFile API failes on certain sizes, or the number of files/directories are quite large that would fail on burning certain compilations. To handle this problem just downsize the size in SizeMe to something a little lower. SizeMe does calculate the overload sizes a directory/file has in a compilation, but the sizes varies, so it uses a middelway 🙂

  15. I am having same problem as James described above. I created 5 “files-to-burn” projects in both Ashampoo Burning Studio 6.02 and in Nero Burning Rom and I got this problem: The 1st ISo won’t get be burned in Ashampoo [it said there’s not enough space] and then I tried in Nero and it burned it fine. So then I tried burn the 2nd ISO [with same filesize provided by SizeMe, but both softwares said the same message [not enough space]. Is there any problem with Constant Size in DVD-5? I burned one DVD and I don’t want to waste my backups, so I’m going back to older version until that “issue” be fixed. Ok?

  16. I have failed at my first attempt.

    The program made a DVD compilation for me, and I copied it into Nero 6. It showed as 4.5GB. When I proceeded to burn, I received the error message “there is not enough space to burn this compilation onto this disc”. The disc is a Verbatim DVD+R.

  17. steve: The next v2.0 will contain a function that will make things in order (without any optimize). Be sure to check the site for when it is released, or use check for updates button in SizeMe

  18. Is there a way to creat disks with the flienames alphabetical in size me ? I have a ton of tv shows to burn and Id like to keep them in order.

    Thank You


  19. You can find the last release at:

    But I want to know what the new problems are?

  20. hey lars,
    first a big thx to you you did nice work, im enjoying working with both programms (unpacker+sizeme)
    but i have some problems with newest version of sizeme, where can i get an older version.

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