This is a fully automated extracting tool. This is not a WinRAR or WinZIP replacement but quite a useful util when you want to extract large quantum of archives. The program makes a queue of every rar added to the list and extract them one by one. This way you can peacefully play your games (or sleep) while extracting. It also have optional functions to cleanup (removing archives after extract). You should try it, it is free and you’ll get a notice when a program update is available, that way you’ll always have the latest version. Other functions like minimize to tray, thread priority etc. are also available.

Unpacker w/AutoExtract window

Current version is: v1.5.0 build: 1909


  • Fixed support for Windows 2003 server and Windows Home Server (captionbuttons messing up)
  • Added support for password protected files! (With a simple timeout)
  • Added right-click option for “Extract to destination” on found-archives
  • Added right-click option for “Rescan same directory” on scan
  • Created a SFV-checked option for Autounpacker so it will not rescan same SFV file again


  • Zip-support added!
  • Possible to add archives in archives directly to the queue
  • Added option for ignoring the found window and directly extract everything it find
  • Made the cleanup functions smarter, and fixed a small bug in the renaming feature
  • Now possible to save unfinished extraction queue to file on exit and reload it on startup (or a crash)
  • Logfile support added
  • Also possible to rename the directory you’ve extracted from
  • Possible to pause/resume on Unpacker & Autocopy
  • AutoCopy can now operate in quiet mode
  • Possible to set thread priority
  • Autoscan directories by given interval
  • Check autoscanned archives against the SFV file
  • Automatic adding to queue when archive is equal to SFV, so you don’t have to 🙂
  • Recursive scan of harddrive anywhere in Explorer for archives
  • Archives can be queued for process
  • Each archive is extracted one by one
  • Possible (optional) to clean up the archive files after use

Feedback from other sites:
Award received from the DLC software-network (Download.dk User Award)
download UnPacker 1.5.0 here
UnPacker 1.5.0 download
on File Fishstick Get it from CNET Download.com! FilesLand.com Free Downloads from SnapFiles.com

Unpacker donations: 2 euros

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  1. Great tool. Would love to see the clean up option included in the auto unpacker as well though…

  2. Hi
    Great program

    Can u make an opposite program,
    Watch a directory,and sub. and when a files over ex. 5gb is found, it will pack the file to a numbers of RAR files,
    selectable size of input file and selectable size of output rar files..


    • Hi Sten,

      Sorry but the time doesn’t stretch to create such a application atm.
      I don’t know any solutions by others, so I’ve created a vbs-script for you: http://lars.werner.no/wp-content/uploads/2005/11/PackDir.zip

      Here you can add as many dirs at you like and execute “something” when the total size is above the limit.

      By adding this to a schedule-task by “cscript.exe PackDir.vbs” to run each hour, then it would pack your files automatically.
      Add the parameter -df (Delete files after archiving) and you would delete files after packing.
      Meaning that the script will not execute on each run.

      Lars Werner

  3. hi Lars Werner,

    you have created an amazing software but it has major bugs

    i lost a lot of data because of the program and hence i am informing you the bugs so that other people need not loose data

    1. if a wrong password/ weird password is provided the program crashes
    2. if delete to recycle bin is enabled it does not delete the file
    3. if we use the delete file setting and cancel the password prompt since i did not know the password it directly deletes the file thinking it is extracted successfully. i think it should delete the file on successful extraction but your software does not have a check on this

    due to this bug i lost almost 20 to 35 files

    4. i think you should have a password.txt file to input the password

    please fix the bug about deletion either to recycle bin or direct delete without which your software is not helpful to anyone


  4. Hello,

    Let me first say thank you for your work on this program. I have one question for you though, is there any way for Auto-Unpacker to extract an archive into a folder I designate without it placing it in a sub folder?

    For example…

    – I tell Auto-Unpacker to watch the folder Downloads and when it sees a .rar file to unpack it and move it to the folder Unpacked
    – I download the file abc123.rar into the folder Downloads
    – Auto-Unpacker sees the new .rar file in the Downloads folder and unpacks it.
    – Auto-Unpacker now creates the folder abc123 and moves the unpacked file here
    – The end result is that I have C:\Unpacked\abc123\abc123
    – What I want to have is C:\Unpacked\abc123

    Does that make sense? I’ve been trying to find a solution to this myself without any luck. if you could help me out that would be great.


  5. I tried it on Win 7 32 & Win XP – surprize…. works 2x faster on Win XP then Win 7…
    Very good program…helped me alot…

  6. I like to say this is a program i use day in and day out, i love it. I run this on Win 7 x64 with a couple small issues but i have learned over the time how to get around them. I rarely use the auto unpacker its the manual unpacker that gets the use. One small issue is that after using it alot there is a bug that wont show the GUI anymore. To get around this bug usually if you look in your task manger under “process tab” you will see more than one instance of the process running, kill every one of them and try to load up the unpacker again and should work. Another i seen mention above is when the unpacker program gets locked minimized, there are many fixes above to get around this. One small bug i also found is when extract a certain release out from spanned rars, instead of placing the avi into the directory it will place the avi in a blank folder. In order to delete the blank folder can only bee done from dos ( heh a limitation of windows gui). I have found out you can update the urar.dll to the newest version by downloading the unrar pack from rarlabs website and replacing the unrar.dll (just make sure to get the 32bit dll). What would be really cool is if unpacker could be utilized from a command prompt that way i could create a script with the ftp client to run unpacker after its done downloading.

  7. Hey I’m having the same problem as Drag0nir.

    I’m Running win 7 x64 and when I try to run Unpacker, it comes up in the taskbar and task manager, but the GUI never shows up. I tried kiling the process, the process tree, restarting, reinstalling, uninstalling but nothing has worked yet. Even the fix where you go to task manager, right click and hit maximize on Unpacker doesn’t work.

    Does anyone know how to get this working for me?

    Thanks a lot

  8. […] Unpacker comes with a folder watcher that can be used to monitor folders for new archives. New compressed files are then automatically unpacked by Unpacker. […]

  9. edit: Unpacker.log now suddenly says “contained error with file” with the video file inside the rars. I then deleted all folders again, clicked “Force start scan” and it worked. I dont understand the problem.

  10. Hi,

    first of all, thank you for a great a small tool! – Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get it to unpack the rars.Im running Windows 7 and Auto Unpack as an Administrator.
    I download rared TV shows via Azureus. I setup Auto Unpacker to monitor the download directory.
    As soon as the folder is created Auto Unpack creates the dummy file “#####www.AutoUnPacker#####”.
    It will mostly also do an SFV check, meaning that once the File is downloaded I receive a second folder labled “#####www.AutoUnPacker.SFV.is.OK#####”.
    So far so good.
    But now it will not unpack the rars. The Unpacker.log does not show any errors and is empty.

    I can “fix” this error as follows:
    Wait till files are complete
    Close Unpack and delete SFV and Unpack folder files
    Start unpacker
    -> It seems like unpacker gets confused, when the rars are not complete but the directory SFV file is already created. If I restart Auto Unpack without deleting the folders it will also noch unpack the rar.
    Does anyone else have this problem on Windows 7, or maybe knows a solution?
    Thanks in Advance,


  11. GREAT TOOL!!!! works very fast when extracting archives between 2 NAS machines.. it would be great to have an option to unpack archives to a seperate directory using the archive name.. but.. 2 THUMBS UP!!!

  12. Thanks for a great application! Have been using it for some years now, and it works like a charm. (Except the maximize from taskbar bug)
    Stop complaining, this is free, and as far as I know, no other programs does this job. (Tv-series is a pain in the ass when you have to extract one episode at the time, especially when its all the seasons of The Simpsons ect….)

  13. […] Unpacker comes with a folder watcher that can be used to monitor folders for new archives. New compressed files are then automatically unpacked by Unpacker. […]

  14. hey im trying to use the auto un packer for the first time with utorrent

    is there a way to set up my source direct and desination direct without it trying to unrar everything that is already in there

    i want it to only unrar new torrents when i download them

    any help thanks???

  15. BIG LOL’s @ sluper Sl00Ze also ! 🙂

  16. ^^^ Sorry to be clear about what I meant above, when using WinRar, if user selects more than one RAR archive to extract, you can right click the menu and select “Extract each archive to separate folder”.

    Would be great to see that implemented in Unpacker.

    • Looking at the extraction options for Unrar, the appropriate items would seem to be:

      Unrar x (parameter x extracts files with full path)


      Unrar ad (parameter ad “appends archive name to destination path”)


      may be a combination of both?

      If we had the source code could modify/include this now 🙂

  17. Would really love to see a feature implemented that I noticed people asking for a few times way back…and am guessing its a pretty simple fix…

    Extract each archive to their own subfolder (automatically named after the name of the original archive)


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