May 272013

This video is from our main Automation-project at college HiT, back in 2005.
Sorting metal and plastic, packing metal for stock of 2 or 4 and sort plastic for stock of 4 balls.
Model was partly build when we took it over.

We installed the following to enhance the model:
* Siemens S7-300 w/Profibus controller
* High-speed input FM350 for S7-300
* As-i bus master for S7-300
* As-i bus I/O-hub (in “field”)
* Step-motor controller AT15R05
* Step-motor
* Siemens Profibus Touch Panel TP170B

We solved the task using Siemens S7 STL, SCL and HiGraph to minimize the cycle-time and resource usage.

A Norwegian report can be downloaded here

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Apr 162013

If you have an problem with my software or wonder if a solution has been quoted, try the search feature.
When a post or page is presented as a search result, click it and the comments will be marked with your search (in the bottom).

Hopefully that will make the Adito solutions more open to everybody 🙂

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Apr 032013

A picture says more than thousand words; here is my current stats regarding WordPress-comment-spam on this site.
Akismet spamrate

Going from 9700 spam in October to 17 in November is pretty awesome.
There aren’t many people that leaves comments on the site, but this reduction actually makes the site work faster.

I haven’t read about any spammers been caught nor that Akismet have upgraded their detection routines, if anybody know please let me know!

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