Get a credit card calendar of your offshore rotation (skiftplan) – Lars Werner
Jan 042013

In Norway we have several names for this type of calendar: Skiftplan, skiftkalender, rotasjonskalender, offshorekalender and rotasjonsplanlegging. All of them present a typical website calendar which is good for printing out at home or office.

I have been requested to create a credit card calendar solution (lommekalender in Norwegian) to bring in your pocket.
A couple of afternoons have went to finish this off and now it is now open for all!

Check out an example here

Generate your own calendars from

This kind of printouts require some labour, from your side 🙂
Find your scissors and cut out the calendars, flip vertical together and glue together.
Laminate the paper to ensure it withhold normal usage in wallet.

A picture says more than 1000-words, so here is some from my early testing.
(Please note that my crappy printer does not have any color, this is more a size-testing thing)


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