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Beware of the Norwegian postal service, Posten, ban of Amazon.com

Background of the Norwegian import rules:
Norway has the most stupid rule for private import in the world. Every package items worth below 200NOK (without shipping) is tax-free, everything above will give you tax on the whole amount included shipping.

Here are some examples, using the currency rate of $1 USD = 5,36NOK, max tax-free value is $37,31

Package 1:
Items = $37 USD
Shipping = $12 USD
Tax = $0 USD
Total = $49 USD

Package 2:
Items = $38 USD
Shipping = 12 USD
Tax -> ($38 + $12) * 25% = $12,5 USD
Declaration fee = $16
Total = $38 + $12 + $12,5 + $16 = $78,5 USD

The difference is huge! You pay 37,5% more for package 2 since the items is above the tax-free limit and that is just $1 more. Crazy, but thats the way it is in stupid Norway.

Amazon.com and coupons
Amazon shall print the value of the items outside the box based on the CN22 custom declaration. Everything they ship without reduced prices will be correct. Only the packages with reduced price items could give you a tax claim: That is where the problem starts.

If you for instance buy two Blueray movies for $19 USD and gets one for free, the CN22 price would be:
Shipping $12

You didn’t pay for the second movie, but still Amazon.com printed the real value of the product on the CN22. The Postal service (Posten) doing the import declaration will give you a tax-claim for $12,5 USD + $16 declaration fee. Since you did not actually pay full price of the products you notice Posten that the declaration is wrong: That is where the problem continues!

Postens ban of Amazon.com
Posten has contacted Amazon.com to stop sending packages with the wrong value on the CN22. They haven’t been giving any feedback and I guess they don’t want to change their CRM system just because Posten whine about it.

Posten wants to make the end-users suffer. They will not remove the toll costs for packages from Amazon.com, other firms are OK, just not Amazon! “It is a policy” they say, “Arrogant” I say.

Posten wants to be a “green” company that claim they reduce CO2 outputs and want an environmental profile for the end-users. Their “policy” will increase the number of returned packages to Amazon.com and will not reduce CO2 nor make the customer happy.

If you have experienced the same, please call “Posten Utland Kundeservice” on +47 23147600 and leave a complain!

If you have questions or any more information to add to the post, please write an comment!

Update 21.May.2013:
Posten is transparent regarding their declaration fees (133 NOK pr 01.07.2013), other transport carriers are quite evil in their process.
After reading this article I would like to inform all to ensure to check the declaration prices before shopping.
Tollpost, DHL, Schenker, FedEx and similar logistics firms can charge you whatever they like for the declaration fee, since there are no regulations.

If you can choose, use the Royal Mail or similar carrier from the originator country.

Example from the article:
Customer ordered something for 222NOK + shipping 126 NOK, total of 348 NOK.
Tollpost charged the customer 983 NOK in fees (inclusive government tax).
That is over 280% over his original price!

Take precautions and avoid them and spread the word to your friends!