Sep 102013 has been a good source for techno-information for years.
Now in the days of commercials Adblock is a must to survive in the jungle of information.
But when sites are doing a semi-paid commercial thingy, I get annoyed:

Adblock = ON commercial for adblockers commercial for adblockers

Adblock = OFF with commercial with commercial

If you also got annoyed, add this filter to your adblock-exception-rules:


If you don’t care about comments on the site, block jQuery all together, add:


Earlier attempts does not work as expected. This will hide the commercial and show content


That way the commercials and popups are long-gone-silver. is active and tries to block attempts for blocking this.
If they are serious they should use sessions and hide articles behind a userportal solution.

If you have other sites that you would like to share tips like this, please let me know in the comment field!

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  4 Responses to “Adblock fix for paid subscription ( – updated”

  1. They blocked it again, but just blokking* works fine like mentioned here before šŸ™‚

    • It worked, but I can’t see the pictures or thumbnails. Please make a step-by-step explanation, because I’m not a code monkey.

  2. Don’t work anymore it seems

    • Fixed again, they have changed their check

      [script src=""][/script]

      So by adding whilechard to the filename then it will work until they change it again.

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