Jan 252014

SpotiAmp v0.95

Spotiamp needed some bugfixes regarding some changes in service.
While I was at it, the client got a new icon and some eye-candy.

Overwrite old Spotiamp.exe with this version, all handling of commercials and settings are unchanged.
Download it from the Spotiamp-page

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Jan 172014

Oracle have updated their Java with a lot of annoying popups.

Oracle probably think that this increase the security of their “swiss cheese executable container” called java.

Adito is no longer developed and at the time it was, Java was “the-way-todo-it”.

Adito from my site is a unsigned applet, the default setup action now is to block it.

The best way to get rid of the problem is to decrease the security settings to “Medium”.

But you can add exceptions for your own site, and still keep “security” high.

Below this method is explained.

Here is the problem when you run Adito without rights to run:

java warning 1

java block 1

java failed 1

To fix this go to the control-panel, then run Java-settings:

java controlpanel

Go to the security-tab and push the “Edit site list”:

java security

Add your site to the security list, this is the same as in your browser addressfield:

java security add site

java security add site localhost

Now when you reload your Adito-agent, you will be presented with this prompt:

java in browser accept agent

If you accept the risk, check it and push run.

(The Adito-agent is compiled by me, unchanged from source.)

The agent should be running like before.

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Jul 252012

What is this?
Acrobat MDI-ish is a wrapper application that take all of your Acrobat Reader/Write windows and present them into a single window.
Take back the control over your taskbar again with this practical little tool!

New features
* Dragable icons in Windows taskbar, change the order as you like (only left / right)
* Hotkey support
* Several bugfixes (eg forever tab-mode)

Ctrl + Tab = Change tab to the right
Ctrl + Shift + Tab = Change tab to the left
Ctrl + F4 = Close current tab
Ctrl + N = New window
Ctrl + Shift + N = Change name on window
(Note: Last two only works if the main window is active!)

Please download the updated version of Acrobat MDI-ish from this page

Earlier included features
* Tab-browser feature (all windows are forced maximized)
* Autostart with Windows (not when portable)
* Installer
* Gets the MDI feature back to your Acrobat!
* Multimonitor support with MDI!
* Systray control
* Multiple looks on the frame; Windows 2000/XP, Office 2003 / 2007

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