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Acrobat MDI-ish v0.8.9.2 released!

What is this?
Acrobat MDI-ish is a wrapper application that take all of your Acrobat Reader/Write windows and present them into a single window.
Take back the control over your taskbar again with this practical little tool!

New features
* Dragable icons in Windows taskbar, change the order as you like (only left / right)
* Hotkey support
* Several bugfixes (eg forever tab-mode)

Ctrl + Tab = Change tab to the right
Ctrl + Shift + Tab = Change tab to the left
Ctrl + F4 = Close current tab
Ctrl + N = New window
Ctrl + Shift + N = Change name on window
(Note: Last two only works if the main window is active!)

Please download the updated version of Acrobat MDI-ish from this page

Earlier included features
* Tab-browser feature (all windows are forced maximized)
* Autostart with Windows (not when portable)
* Installer
* Gets the MDI feature back to your Acrobat!
* Multimonitor support with MDI!
* Systray control
* Multiple looks on the frame; Windows 2000/XP, Office 2003 / 2007