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Western Digital (WD) Red *do* have TLER!

Update2! Check out the comments, it shows clearly that the drive has TLER. I’m pretty frustrated that WD Support don’t really know their own product!
I’ll let them know about this post and see if they are willing to respond.

Update! I have been told that these drives DO have TLER: http://www.pcper.com/news/Storage/WD-Red-drives-do-support-TLER, but there are other threads stating that is has TLER-similar functions.

The TLER is present, but you probably should run the drives in RAID 6 because of the low URE rating of 10^14!


After the grand launch of Western Digital Red drives I got excited!
At last a TLER (similar to ERC or CCTL) affordable drive, they have commercials stating that this is for RAID-systems.
The excitement went sour after contacting WD support.

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences, we will be more than glad to assist you with this issue, only the WD RE drives have the TLER feature in order to avoid any dropouts from the raid. If you want to use a WD Red drive on a RAID environment, it will work however, this drive does not have the TLER feature.

In my main server I have an Adaptec 3805 hardware RAID-controller.
Earlier I used 8xWD Green 1 TB drives with RAID 6 on it. They worked ok, very few dropout.
For 6 months ago I bought 8xWD Green 2 TB drives (WD20EARX) and now the “Abort”-count is sky-high

Adaptec support replied to me that the WD Green drives does not have TLER and are the worst kind to put into a RAID.

I replied to WD support asking why the WD Red drives are so RAID-friendly, since they do not have TLER.

We apologize for the inconveniences. The WD Red and the WD Green work the same in a RAID environment because they do not have the TLER feature. However, the WD Red have been tested in the following NAS systems:
WD Red Compatibility
WD Support ref: ref:_00DU0Jpn7._500U04E2hu:ref

Most disturbing reply is that WD Red and WD Green work the same in RAID, they couldn’t state any difference.