Dec 202011

At the beginning of the year I installed a Windows 2008 server running Hyper-V and 5-8 VMs for internal use @ home.
This was inital an test to go from ESX 3.x so I converted the vmdk- to vhd-files and booted them up.
All of them worked with minor tweaks and have been stable since.

Check out the uptime

See the System Boot Time for last boot date

At post-date the server have been up for 246 days (8 months, 2 days).
Windows is stable and can handle the virtualization as well as Vmware 🙂

My developer VM TBone has been running almost equal amount of time

I’m now in the process of implementing ESXi 4.x to my alternative server.
Microsoft do not support Linux very well, so my ESXi shall handle Linux from now on 🙂

Wish me luck!

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  1. you don’t need good luck wishes with vmware 🙂 hyperv is getting better and more stable, that’s true.

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