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Learn the OpenVPN ALS (Adito) basics from Hak5!

Thanks to Darren@Hak5 for credits on the Adito installer ๐Ÿ™‚

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Many of you might not know that the Adito-agent can be used as a portable-apps-thingy that doesn’t require a usb-thumbdrive. You can have your own apps, with your own settings on-the-go where every you connect to Adito. Check it out yourself and download packages below.

These are the ones I prefer:
Microsoft RDP client (complete client, will work on clients that even don’t have RDP installed): http://lars.werner.no/adito-application-advancednativerdpwin32.zip
UltraVNC client: http://lars.werner.no/adito-application-ultravnc.zip
Putty: http://lars.werner.no/adito-application-putty-portable-ssh.zip
WinUtil (My own smallutil for hiding/always-on-top/transparent): http://lars.werner.no/WinUtil.zip
Firefox portable: http://lars.werner.no/sslexplorer-application-firefoxportable.zip

Save the *.zip file and upload zip-file in the (Configuration) Extension Manager -> (Actions) Upload Extension

Now add a new application to a user/group, customize and test. Simple as 1-2-3

To make your own, check out the Winutil-example-package. It is the simplest form of getting an application (that does not require network access) running through Adito. Customize one XML repack and publish your own utils. Add them to the comment-field to share with others.

Be warned there is a bug in 0.9.1 that you cannot fix (only SVN-releases for now).
Do not change option in (Resources) Profiles -> (Default) More -> Configure!
Unfortunately these are the options for the Adito-agent, this will be fixed when OpenVPN ALS is in a new public release!

Too bad Shannon wasn’t involved in this episode ๐Ÿ˜‰
My wife hate these comments, but I just had to, hehe…

I don’t have much time for my blog / pc / programming these days.
My newborn kid takes all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

If Hak5.org is down here is the Xvid video (or the HD-version if you prefer)