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Main school project homepage

I got some requests for the link to my earlier main schoolproject exams. Here is the link: http://tfweb.hit.no/2004/IA5-4-04/ (only in Norwegian)

Now I would recommend to watch the video that we made, check it out here. Select your speed 384, 764 or 1024

To explain to my english readers:
This video shows how we operated a sortingmachine by type; plastic or metal + that it sorted different colors between plastic. Our assigment was to add AS-i bus and ProfiBus with a operatorpanel to the model. By adding these features it forced us to reprogram the whole thing. Everything is operated by a PLD using Siemens S7 Simatic system, and it worked quite good at the end.

We decided a design of the operatorpanel and I constructed it. Check out a demo on the software here (Flashplayer required or you can download this)

The college was suppose to use the modell as a showoff feature for new students. I dunno if they did use it, but it is pretty cool to say: “we did that” at the end.

My partners in crime at the project does these days work in that category of work, me on the other hand selected to work for the government. Check out their homepage:
Tormod Strand
Per-Atle Larsen