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Warning: This version is based on original binary release and contains several bugs. Please use the SVN version instead!

The installer uses the NSIS-installer, thanks a lot for this guys!


  • Java Runtime Enviroment v1.7.0 or older! (Note that Java v1.8.0 is not supported)

Read changes needed for version Java v1.7.0!

  • 25-30MB of space

  • Little network & config knowledge

Download installer

Note: The installer contains tools.jar so the required JDK isn’t needed for installation. Pretty stupid with a 65MB installation just to get this 12MB file

If you are looking for the Adito SVN-version, download here

Step-by-step guides

For the guide on how to install it, read below!

For a guide to set up RDP to your Adito server, check here

Download NSIS Installerscript – developers only

I finally got around to release the OpenVPN-ALS (Adito) installerscript!

Download it here (21,6MB)

If you are use the Installer script, here is the deal:

* I want to be credited, linked back here…

* You publish the new installer web references here!

* I’ll add it to the page so others can play around with your release!

That would be great for the community, and probably fix a bug or two for those who problems installing this πŸ™‚


  1. Download & Install NSIS

  2. Extract “Includes to NSIS.rar” to %programfiles%NSISInclude

  3. Use a decent NSIS Editor, like HM NIS Edit (It does have a simple, but good, IDE!)

  4. Play around in the AditoInstaller.nsi file to see what it does

  5. When you are stuck use NSIS Docs and Wiki

Don’t cry when you mess up, redo!


I don’t know anything at the moment, use the comments-field


It will remove EVERYTHING! Please use with caution especially after you customize.


I have successfully reinstalled above the old version without problems so if you are upgrading, stop the service/console and just install above the old one.

Also check out this wiki on how to make a copy of your config

Step-by-step information

  1. Welcome screen


  1. License and information regarding licenses


  1. Java-check, this will look for register-entries regarding the JRE and notify you if you don’t have java-installed.

Java checker

  1. The destination path for the installation


  1. Status-progress of the file copying

File copying

  1. Webconfiguration of Adito (Now called OpenVPN ALS), please read!

Adito webconfig

After starting this configuration you will have a command-prompt that again will open a browser window with the config. Here is the command-prompt running the config

Webconfig running

The browser should lead you to this page

Webconfig browser

Run through the wizard it should be easy to understand. Questions regarding the config, use the Adito (OpenVPN ALS) Wiki

  1. Run adito (OpenVPN ALS) as service is the most common way. The example shows that it doesn’t install it as service but that is just to show the next frame πŸ˜‰

Adito as service

  1. Run in console fires up the Adito (OpenVPN ALS) in a command-prompt

Run adito in console

  1. Finished!

Adito install finished

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  109 Responses to “Installer”

  1. Thanx!
    It´s working now! =)
    Do you have many extensions ported to adito?

  2. Stupid mistake by me on that one πŸ˜‰

    Download the again (clear browser cache, everything named sslexplorer shall be renamed to adito πŸ™‚

    If you want to fix it the version you already have, open the extension.xml, search&replace sslexplorer- with adito- then rename the directory in the archive to adito.

    Please report back if it works, I have the “sslexplorer” version installed on the server atm.

  3. Second that!
    (Irony… Just writing an email about it to you now Lars…)


    Great job with the installer btw!!!

  4. I’m having trouble getting this extension mentioned above to install:

    When trying to upload the extension, it says that request for an unknwon extension has been made. Any idea on how to get this ot work?

  5. Thanks so much! I delayed and delayed promises to a business friend on installing SSL explorer on their server, only to find Baracuda stole it!! Adito is a life saver and your instructions even more. Thanks again for your efforts.

  6. The installer worked flawlessly on Windows 2003 SP2, Windows 2000 Server, and even on Windows XP Pro. Thanks for all your time and effort. I’ve installed this using the ant compiler on Windows, as well as running a Debian install on a Ubuntu Server, and this is definitely the simplest install to date. Thanks again.

  7. Erik:
    Please use the forums to ask questions, the extensionmanager does work for me:

    If you prefer IRC, please use irc:// (that is the #adito channel)

  8. Has anyone tried this on a Windows 2008 server running AD in native 2008 mode (apart from me). I cant seem get a connection to the AD. I have two separate machines 2008 and 2003 (both with separate AD) and when connected to the 2003 server it works like a charm. But when running on the 2008 server it says “User database could not be opened. Internal error.” =(

    Cant seem to find any information about this issue.

  9. Works perfect, thanks for making this installer, save a lot of time.

  10. Adito has change name to OpenVPN ALS.

    Please use the forums to ask questions, the extensionmanager does work for me:

    If you prefer IRC, please use irc:// (that is the #adito channel)

  11. at first thanks to Lars. Installation works fine.

    I have an administration problem.
    When i open extension manager and click to one extension a new website opens (localhost) and nothing else happens.

    can anybody help me?

  12. It is wonderfull work!!

    Could you possibly send me the NSIS script used to create the Adito installer, I could learn a lot from it and would like to create the installer in my development.

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Edmund:
    Just to inform others, check out the forum-thread:
    Direct download is

    Personally I prefer the totaly independent plugin:
    This will work on every windows system you run this on. Even if people have blocked/removed mstsc.exe you’ll get connected πŸ™‚

  14. Nevermind, found it. πŸ™‚

  15. Awesome! Thanks alot Lars.

    Just used it on my windows 7, and it works nice. But do you remember where the proper remote desktop package has gone. The java rdp doesnt cut it for me, and when I was running vista I found the package for using the native RDP tool in windows for it..Buut alas, I cant find it anywhere now πŸ™

  16. Steve:
    No sorry, SSL Explorer and Adito are two seperate products now. Usally you got the SSL Explorer Enterprise installed and the Adito is based on SSL Explorer Community.

    You should install it in another directory and copy the extensions have over to the new adito installation. Users, tunnels, ect needs to be setup again.

  17. Can this installer upgrade an SSL Explorer RC16 installation? Or do I have to reconfigure everything from scratch?

  18. Thank you for making this installer, it works like a charm!

  19. […] For more information regarding Adito go here To download the installer go here […]

  20. Lars,

    This is brilliant, works like a charm, just what Adito, non-technical windows users need! (it opens Adito up to the masses!)

    I’m generally intrested in learnig about installers such as NSIS for another java based implementation. Could you possibly send me the NSIS script used to create the Adito installer, I could learn a lot from it and would like to create the installer in my development, (virtual), environment as Apache Ant and the build.xml just numbed my mind!

    Kind regards & thanks for your time


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