Mar 162009

The Adito is a great software for easy SSL tunneling through a browser.
The installation in Windows was not pretty and many potentinally users might go away just because of that.

I have taken a few hours of my time to bring you an more easy way to install it.

For more information regarding Adito go here
To download the installer go here

Note: If you want a standalone agent with direct access, please check out this

PS: If you are looking for the RDP client and guide, check here

Main window
Login window Main Window
Agent options

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  14 Responses to “Adito v0.9.1 windows installer”

  1. Hello,
    I install adito with your installer. Everything is ok for installation, but when adito try to start service, I have a 1067 error.
    I have no other services running on port 443. apache-ssl and tomcat are installed on my machine, but not running.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Louve,

      I recommend to try to install on a different port. Or doublecheck with netstat -a if is running.
      Also check firewall software if used, they usually block everything.

      Regards. Lars

  2. Hi,

    I’m still using the open source SSL explorer though.

    Please does anyone knows how I can remove “SSL Explorer” as the Title when I load it on my browser?


    • Hi Lams,
      Sorry for the late reply..
      I’ve never hacked the title & so on, so I had to figure it out 😉

      Goto the %aditoinstall%\webapp\WEB-INF\jsp\tiles directory
      Open the pageHeader.jspf file
      Change the line 9 from:
      [title]<bean:message key="” bundle=””/>[/title]
      (Remove the [] to html-tags)

      Then restart your SSL Explorer server 🙂


  3. Hi.

    I have been using Adito / OpenVPN-ALS without issue for years on a Linux box. I just recently went to renew our SSL certificate and was told that they no long issue 128bit Certificates. Does anyone one have a walk through for generating a 256 bit certificate that works with Openvpn-ALS? The project seems dead, which is a shame, because it works well. I am not a Linux Guru but I have read a lot of threads about generating a certificate and installing it. It appears however, that nobody has got it working 100%.

  4. […] Originally Posted by glennda We use something called SSL explorer, runs on a linux box, it runs from a web browser and creates SSL tunnels and connects people remotely to a pc inside the school. its free i would def recommend it as it works a treat, we use it for the kids to access documents etc from home as well. Toby Yeah we use it too, very good. However we use it on a windows server see link […]

  5. Use the non-service mode and start googling it… I’m still waiting for OpenVPN ALS crew to make a new release to upgrade java-stuff ect…

  6. I am having problems installing this on windows server 2003. The service keeps crashing and I cannot get it to start again.

  7. Hi Dennis…

    I’m not the author of Adito nor have I any knowledge in commercials use of GPL. Please ask the question to mattock at this site:

  8. Hello Lars,

    i am writing to you, because â??aditoâ?. We are looking for a remote tool. Nor my question: adito depends on GNU General Public License, could we use it as commercial users? And why should I ask you? It is a GNU Lizense or not?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad English

    Dennis Mäusling

  9. Thanks for the info. I do have a 10 user enterprise client and until more extensions are written, I will have to stick with the original SSL-Explorer. I hope Adito can catch up soon.

  10. Ernie:
    You cannot install Adito over the old SSL Explorer. Adito = Community version, SSL Explorer = usually Enterprise.
    But you can use the plugins/package (with modification) if you’d like. Either way, you have to start almost from scratch.

    I haven’t manage to run SSL Explorer and Adito in parallel, therefore both of them cannot run at once. That is a bummer for most…

  11. I’m guessing I can;’t just install over the old SSL-Explorer site i ahve. Is there an easy way to install over the top of it or keep my exxisting settings? I REALLY hate to have to set all that back up again. Thanks!!

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