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Warning: This version is based on original binary release and contains several bugs. Please use the SVN version instead!

The installer uses the NSIS-installer, thanks a lot for this guys!


  • Java Runtime Enviroment v1.7.0 or older! (Note that Java v1.8.0 is not supported)

Read changes needed for version Java v1.7.0!

  • 25-30MB of space

  • Little network & config knowledge

Download installer

Note: The installer contains tools.jar so the required JDK isn’t needed for installation. Pretty stupid with a 65MB installation just to get this 12MB file

If you are looking for the Adito SVN-version, download here

Step-by-step guides

For the guide on how to install it, read below!

For a guide to set up RDP to your Adito server, check here

Download NSIS Installerscript – developers only

I finally got around to release the OpenVPN-ALS (Adito) installerscript!

Download it here (21,6MB)

If you are use the Installer script, here is the deal:

* I want to be credited, linked back here…

* You publish the new installer web references here!

* I’ll add it to the page so others can play around with your release!

That would be great for the community, and probably fix a bug or two for those who problems installing this ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Download & Install NSIS

  2. Extract “Includes to NSIS.rar” to %programfiles%NSISInclude

  3. Use a decent NSIS Editor, like HM NIS Edit (It does have a simple, but good, IDE!)

  4. Play around in the AditoInstaller.nsi file to see what it does

  5. When you are stuck use NSIS Docs and Wiki

Don’t cry when you mess up, redo!


I don’t know anything at the moment, use the comments-field


It will remove EVERYTHING! Please use with caution especially after you customize.


I have successfully reinstalled above the old version without problems so if you are upgrading, stop the service/console and just install above the old one.

Also check out this wiki on how to make a copy of your config

Step-by-step information

  1. Welcome screen


  1. License and information regarding licenses


  1. Java-check, this will look for register-entries regarding the JRE and notify you if you don’t have java-installed.

Java checker

  1. The destination path for the installation


  1. Status-progress of the file copying

File copying

  1. Webconfiguration of Adito (Now called OpenVPN ALS), please read!

Adito webconfig

After starting this configuration you will have a command-prompt that again will open a browser window with the config. Here is the command-prompt running the config

Webconfig running

The browser should lead you to this page

Webconfig browser

Run through the wizard it should be easy to understand. Questions regarding the config, use the Adito (OpenVPN ALS) Wiki

  1. Run adito (OpenVPN ALS) as service is the most common way. The example shows that it doesn’t install it as service but that is just to show the next frame ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adito as service

  1. Run in console fires up the Adito (OpenVPN ALS) in a command-prompt

Run adito in console

  1. Finished!

Adito install finished

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  110 Responses to “Installer”

  1. Ram:
    You can make them! Check out the post

    Download the WinUtil to see the basic configuration of a really simple extension.

    To advance check out the FireFox Portable package, it will open a SOCKS proxy etc…

    There is a extension respo, but it is empty/offline atm. The latest SVN updates the respo to a new location, so we’ll have to wait and see what Mattoc will do.

  2. Thanks for the RDP. Works great. Where’s the best source to keep up to date with extensions ? Or how can we make them ?

  3. I didn’t make the software just the installer. Adito is a fork from the SSL Explorer Community source and they are constantly working on it.
    The progress of development stopped when the OpenVPN-guys took over, but we are still waiting for a new public release.

    To check out the latest release, use SVN and download & compile the latest source.

  4. large, this Adito version similar to SSL Explorer Community edition..

    do you Adito version that similar to SSL Explorer Enterprise Edition??
    i’d like to try the Network Extension menu in enterprise edition ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. sorry..the problem is solved after i reinstalled the software ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. bro, after step #6 above my browser didn’t open any page..

    and when start the service, it always give me error:

    The Adito service is starting…….
    The Adito service could not be started.

    A system error has occurred.

    System error 1067 has occurred.

    The process terminated unexpectedly.

    Press any key to continue . . .

  7. I need some help establishing a ssl certificate. Each time I generate a csr it has localhost in the common name. What do I need to do?


  8. Hanniha:
    Sorry no… I don’t usally work with java and don’t have the compilator needed for the job. My “deal” is to release new installer versjons when the adito/openvpn-als team releases a new public release.

  9. Hi,Can you run trunk patches for installer. There is bug when you change profile timeout settings.

  10. Sorry man, the link you posted to doesn’t work for me… Maybe it’s just a problem of my corporate proxy but anyways maybe there is an alternative one? Thanks in advance

  11. Hi, thanks for installer, worked perfect. I can now connect to my server on my lan. I wonder how I can connet to server using a tunnel and vnc. Is that possible? If yes, do you or somb. have a guide?

    The reason is that i need access to my server when on work, all company backup is on this server. I know that i can share disks, but i prefer to use a sligthly better gui.


  12. […] Requirements: Java Runtime Enviroment v1.6.0 or higher Adito Installer by Lars Werner […]

  13. […] configure it manually. So I recommend downloading a third party Windows Installer for Open VPN ALS. Get it here. You’ll need to install the Java Runtime environment first, before installing the software. 2- […]

  14. Great! Hopefully matlock gets the finger out and publish new binaries soon to even support x64 better ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I’ve installed Adito on Server 2008 R2 Core x64! Works like a charm!

  16. Adito has changed name to OpenVPN ALS and joined forces with OpenVPN.


    As you can see, the binary-downloads are equal and still named adito ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. When I try to use the adito wiki as recomended, I get The project specified does not exist.

  18. […] be sorta tricky so Lars Werner made an awesome installer using NSIS-Installer. Make sure you have the latest Java […]

  19. Hi, Great installer, would you be willing to share the Nullsoft install script?
    I would like to update it to the SVN version.

    Thanks, Joe

  20. Erik:
    No, they don’t work so well because of the enterprise / community differences. But simple plugins like this one works 100% ๐Ÿ™‚
    Personally I use Adito just for RDP anywhere, hehe

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