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Old utils

Collection of all my old utils and sourcecode

Microsoft Allergic Mouse

I did a small contribution on the The Gathering 2006 this year. A useless utility called “Microsoft Allergic Mouse”.

Download it here

To make your vote, goto partyticket.net

I’ve have now left TG06, the body couldn’t handle the noise any longer (Ghee, getting old here). So if you need to contact me, do so by phone or e-mail.

NetSync update

Somehow I got some inspiration and a request for fixing the NetSync for Winamp 2.xx and 5.xx. The stuff that are fixed:
* New fancy icon (lol)
* It updates clients when a playlist changes

You might expect bugs, but I do not care about that right now 🙂 Be happy you got an update!

Download NetSync (v0,5) updates here