Oct 262010
A simple work rotation calendar

Work rotation calendar

If you ever need a simple calendar to show your work rotation, please visit http://kalender.werner.no/rotasjon.asp

Many people I know work two weeks on, two weeks off; this calendar is a quick way display such a rotation.
You can send people links, here is my rotation and they know if you’re on work or not. It is also design to fit on a A4 page for printing.

Any suggestions or feedback regarding it, please send me an e-mail!

  3 Responses to “Need of a jobrotation calendar?”

  1. Hi, could you add a 5 x 5 rotation? Also is there a way to change languages? Thanks.

  2. Hei great calndar but no 28 28 solution?

    I am trying to organise afamily get together for four of working offshore on different Schedules not so easy!!

    cheers , david

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