Jun 112011

The Silentlaunch has been updated to v2, please download it here

New features:
* Enviroment variables, like %systemroot%, %programfiles%
* Configfile is based on %homedrive% and not hardcoded to C:\
* Recompiled using Visual Studio 2010, c++, win32. Source code available!

SilentLaunch could be used to replace a shell and usally a HTPC box with XBMC, Boxee or similar can take advantage of this!

If you need help setting it up, just post a comment!

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  2 Responses to “Silentlaunch updated to v2!”

  1. Greets and thanks for a great software!

    A question: Is there a syntax to to ‘halt’ or ‘pause’ between launches? I’d need an app to completely launch before I launch the next.


    • Hi Calle

      It doesn’t have any halt/pause.
      As an solution you can use a batch or vbs-script to run applications as you like.

      Commandprompt for waiting: %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /C “START /WAIT CScript \.vbs //NoLogo”


      @ECHO OFF
      ECHO Running first
      ECHO Running second

      Both methods works well, but require to you to modify as you like…

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