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RAM slots on Asus X93SV / K93SV 18,4″ “portable” laptop

I have just bought the Asus X93SV 18,4″ laptop (specs are equal to K93SV) and I wanted to add more ram.

When opening the bottom lid I got a surprise; there are only 2 slots and their were filled already with 2x4GB.
I start googl’in and didn’t find the information as easy as I wanted.

Sharing is caring you know, so here is a tip:
Below the keyboard is two free slots!

You have to dismount the keyboard by following the guide on this picture:

(Source of picture)

Make sure that you unscrew the correct screws, there is a small “K” mark in the plastic for them.
You only need to unscrew 2 of them, the third is used to push the keyboard up.
On mine there is a blank metallic screw near the 3,5″ drive and black above the RAM.

When keyboard is loose, handle with care!
There is a small ribbon-cable that you don’t need to unplug just to install the RAM.
Just flip the keyboard, install and snap the keyboard back in it place.

Change the 2,5″ drive with a SSD to experience great speed and less noise, you’ll never regret that!

Warranty note:

Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.
My name is Daniel and it’s my pleasure to help you with your problem.

Please be kindly informed that the two other slots are underneath the motherboard and are not accessible except if you want to void the warranty.

We hope we have been of assistance.

As a comment to the support; no you haven’t been giving me any assitance!
ASUS advertise with 4 RAM slots, but you have to void the warranty to actual get it installed.
Studid and probably illegal marketing of features a normal user cannot reach, be warned!