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Hey Google, what about Nexus in Norway?

Google approach to make a limbo regarding their Nexus-series is not working, in my opinion.

I’m looking to buy a Nexus 10 tablet as a Christmas gift for myself, but Google blocked me, wtf?
An arrogant attitude of “No we don’t want your money, we don’t ship your way” is something i would expect from Apple or Microsoft.

Norwegians are techno-freaks and it sure shows, here is a quote from G+ Google Norway page;

Hello Google Norway, where can I get information or updates of when Nexus 10 will be out in Norway / Scandinavia?
I know this is not the correct thread to mention this, but I would appreciate if someone at least reply back.
At least 6 other people who have not received a response from you about issues.

Google Norway AS – Nov 19, 2012
Hello! Sorry for a slow feedback!
There are not any specific date for launch locally, so unfortunately we have no specific answer for you. We put out the message here as soon as we know anything!


When Google Norway does not know, then you are forcing users to the “grey markets” through eBay.com.
Is that what you want by this approach?

I didn’t buy any tablet and saved my money for now. After reading comments, I’m not even sure if the Nexus is right for me…
But I sure hope Google changes the marketing strategy for the next release. Maybe then our money has some value to them.

Regards an angry viking!